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#SocialSpotlight: Oreo’s Sweet Social Media

oreosBy now, just about everyone has heard about Oreo’s social media strategic hit from last year’s Super Bowl and countless articles have already been compiled to document their unique success from the world’s biggest event. But what else does this addictive cookie company do within social media?

The Sweet Spot: Facebook

Over on Facebook, they are really into self-promotion of their product. Comments and recommendations from celebrities for the chocolate cookie delights are scattered throughout their site, videos featuring the Oreo as the main star in various ‘cartoon-like’ characterizations are shared for comedy effect, and merchandising offerings are often posted. It seems that the Facebook page is a collection of just about everything Oreo cookie-related you could think of – and some things you probably wouldn’t have even imagined!

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 3.03.19 PM

Tasty Tweets

It seems that Oreo’s Facebook page really is the center of the Oreo social media strategy – a shrine to the distinctive, yet delicious cookie. The tweets over on the Twitter page that belong to the “Oreo Cookie” are all seemingly references back to the Facebook page and the content held there. You’ll find the same kind of zany recipes, characterizations and product placements that just make you salivate and reach for the cookie jar! Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 3.11.52 PM There seems to be very little customer interaction with their followers as a whole, only very occasionally do they reach out to either thank someone for their kind words or merely to persuade them further that the Oreo cookie is the one to enjoy during all conceivable occasions you could dream up.

Treat Your Eyes on Instagram

Their Instagram pages are a real sweet treat for the eyes. Photographs of just about every recipe that has been made using the chocolatey Oreo treat – from cupcakes, to desserts to simply enjoying them exactly as they come out of the package. It seems that these cookies can be enjoyed just about a million different ways – all of them unique.

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 3.13.15 PM

Of course, being the playful brand they are, the Oreo characterizations and humor continue within these sweet and delicious delights. It seems that they really want to be a treat that can be ‘seen’ subconsciously without you ever even being aware of it – but that’s comedic advertising for you!

Making YouTube Yummy

Further increasing their playful brand over on their YouTube channel, they have really spent time here creating engaging content that keeps you watching for more. Series such as “Wonderfilled” or “The Cookie Chronicles” (which charts the adventures of three Oreo cookies hoping to make it into being dunked within a glass of milk) alongside songs, further playful videos and funny and engaging advertisements that just bring you deeper into the world of the Oreo cookie. Oreo isn’t just another cookie – they often engage one-on-one with their followers and satisfied customers and the overall Oreo social media strategy is simply to bring you, the cookie monster, deep into the crazy and dream-filled world of the Oreo. There is seemingly much, much more to the cookie’s advertising than just the Super Bowl success. Photo Source

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