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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Likes on Facebook

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I know it’s tempting. You see the ads selling 1000 “likes: for $50, and why not try it? It seems like it would build your page and give you the numbers you want. But what is buying Facebook likes really doing for you? Marketing is the process of getting your business or brand in front […]

Our Approach to “Like-Baiting” Changes on Facebook

facebook algorithm change april 2014

Facebook is at it again. Just when you have it figured out, they decide to make drastic changes. Last week Facebook announced that “like-baiting” will decrease your post’s reach. According to Facebook, “like-baiting” is when a post explicitly asks News Feed readers to like or share the post in order to get additional distribution beyond what the post […]

How I Took My Blog Content from Good to Great and Why it Matters


  I have been blogging for the past 5 years. Wow, even I can’t believe it’s been that long! This blog started from my passion for social media and eventually it grew into my business. SocialNicole was first a twitter handle, then a blog. Finally, it became the name of my company. Over the years, […]

Our Secret Weapon for Social Media Management

Social Media Tips

A solid social media strategy requires a lot of time-consuming tasks and it can be tough to manage your time efficiently. Believe me, I know from first hand experience as one of the social media community managers for SocialNicole. I am in charge of managing multiple client accounts and ensuring their strategies and plans are […]