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Social Media Crisis Communications Planning: What You Need to Know

a crisis is a serious matter

Are you a company or a brand? Are you online using social media to help grow your brand recognition, increase sales or retain customers? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, the next question is: Do you have a social media crisis communications plan? You should. Don’t wait for a crisis to create […]

Followers on Social Media Sites: Quality over Quantity

facebook block countries

Remember the time you got 1, then 10 and then 50 likes? It is an exhilarating feeling, knowing others enjoy your content enough to like or follow your page. This excitement over followers can be diminished, however. When you find you’re trying to reach out to followers and nobody’s reaching back, you might suspect something–more and […]

How to Get Followers on Twitter | Build a Real Audience to Grow your Business


It’s safe to say that we all want to know how to get followers on Twitter. More followers means more interaction, and more interaction means more opportunities. What is there not to love about more Twitter followers? Check out the tips below to see how to build relationships with your followers and how to get more of […]

How to Develop the Best Social Media Campaign


I am currently in my seventh year of working in the digital marketing/social media marketing space with small businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, artists, authors and more. I have advised and participated in social media efforts for a gubernatorial election, a large public school district, a silicone valley tech start up, nonprofits both large and small and […]