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Facebook Video and Its Importance to Your Content Creation

Facebook video

With your goal as a marketer or small business owner of getting more engagement on Facebook, and with Facebook’s overwhelming increase in video views, the relationship between these is clear: Facebook video your friend. That’s right, over 1 billion videos on Facebook are played every day. About 50% of Facebook users watch at least one […]

Pinterest for Business: Getting Started

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.37.38 PM

What do you think of when someone mentions Pinterest? Maybe you think of women showing other women what food and clothes they like, or maybe you have no idea what it is and you don’t care. Ambivalence is an easy way to go about thinking about the social media platform, but it’s in your best […]

Twitter for Business: Why Favoriting Tweets Is Worth Your Time


We know that when using Twitter for business, engagement is everything. Yet especially if you use a 3rd party software when managing your social accounts like Twitter, it might seem like retweeting and replying to tweets are the only important parts of Twitter engagement. Some 3rd party software, while very useful, does not always keep track […]

Is It Love At First Sight? Content Curation For Your Audience

content curation

Is it love at first sight? This is a great question to ask yourself when it comes to content curation to share on your blog and social media channels. With all the conversations about strategy and approach, messaging and creating content that will convert readers to customers, it comes back to a basic principle in social […]