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How To: Write a Blog Post

Sitting down to write a blog post can seem like a daunting task, especially when you do not know where to get started or how to put your thoughts into words that people will want to read. We at SocialNicole have experienced that dreaded writers block, so we thought it would be helpful to pull […]

Twitter’s Recent Changes to Character Limits and more

Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms and has remained pretty consistent since it came into existence. One thing that makes Twitter unique is the 140-character limit. This character limit sometimes forced you to get a little creative when you wanted to say a lot but had limited space, especially if you wanted […]

Setting Up Instagram Reminders Via Buffer

A few weeks ago I wrote about Business use and Instagram to provide you with tips to get started. Something exciting is happening that makes it easier to manage Instagram, something I think you’ll really appreciate, if you’ve spent any time trying to keep to a schedule on Instagram. Recently, social media management platforms such […]

Share a Facebook post from your Newsfeed at a later time

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your Newsfeed on Facebook and found a post you really wanted to share, but did not want to share it immediately. We, at SocialNicole, have definitely been in that boat before and wondered if there was a way to share the post at a later time. Lucky for […]

Instagram for Business

Instagram is a great photo sharing social media application that has contributed to some major business success. The good news is, it’s easy to get your business/brand started on Instagram. Start by going to the application store on your phone and download the Instagram app. Then, sign up for an account, add a profile photo […]

Social Media Contests: Benefits and Tips

If you spend time on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms you may have probably seen contests and tried your luck at one or two. There is something intriguing about entering your name in a drawing, answering a question or liking something if you have the potential to get something out of it! But […]

The Ins, Outs and Whys of Facebook Live

Are you familiar with the various applications such as Periscope and Meerkat that allow you to stream live video and connect with an audience in real time? These video streaming channels brought engagement with fans to a new level all from their mobile device. Facebook did not want to miss out on an opportunity to […]

WordPress: Know The Difference Between Pages and Posts

Whether you are new to WordPress as the content management platform for your website, or have become a WordPress veteran, you may have found yourself wondering if there is a difference between WordPress Pages and WordPress Posts. It seems in everyday social media language, these terms are used interchangeably, but these two words mean very different […]

How To Like Facebook Pages From Your Page

Facebook is always changing. You may or may not have noticed you can no longer perform actions on Facebook as a Page in the same way you could before. This made the process to “like” other Pages a little bit confusing. Here is a quick snapshot of the 2 different ways you can “like” Facebook Pages […]

SocialNicole Hiring Part-Time Social Media Marketing Assistant

SocialNicole is currently hiring a part-time content marketing assistant. We are ideally looking for someone with a background in studying journalism, marketing or similar fields with an interest in a social media marketing/content marketing career path. This is a 20-25 hour per week position. The right candidate will possess excellent verbal and written communication skills (including proofreading), have working […]