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Google Plus Photos: How to Get People to Give a Damn

this cricket knows you can do better.

We understand–you’re looking for your Google+ fans to engage with you. Your profile and cover photos can make or break if someone adds your business to one of their circles, so it’s important to take your photos seriously. It’s so tempting to just pin up your company’s logo everywhere and call it good, but it’s […]

How to Get More Views on YouTube


The thousands of articles on using social media for a small business will tell you that your brand should be personable, helpful and easy to connect with. Although often forgotten, using YouTube to promote your business is a way to engage your audience and another way to get people interested in what you have to […]

Marketing Management Is Not About Being Tricky


For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, you bring up the word “marketing” and you will get a lot of grimaces and unhappy reactions. Here are some claims I’ve heard about marketing: • It’s so in your face! • All you do is talk about yourself or your products! • It’s just pushing your stuff […]

Facebook Video and Its Importance to Your Content Creation

Facebook video

With your goal as a marketer or small business owner of getting more engagement on Facebook, and with Facebook’s overwhelming increase in video views, the relationship between these is clear: Facebook video your friend. That’s right, over 1 billion videos on Facebook are played every day. About 50% of Facebook users watch at least one […]