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Why Small Businesses Often Fail At Social Marketing

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Have you ever sat at a table with several people and started telling a story, only to realize halfway through that nobody was listening? That is so frustrating, right? Often, the same thing happens when businesses try to use social media marketing. They post a bunch of stuff, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is […]

5 Tips To Starting a Successful Twitter Account

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So you’ve been a loyal Facebook user for five or six years, updating almost daily. It seems your feed has been slowing down lately, and you’re not sure that you’re reaching as large of an audience as you used to. You really like Facebook, but you’ve been hearing so much about this Twitter thing that […]

When it comes to content creation, are you on a mission?


  Note from Nicole:  I am happy to have my friend and colleague Jeff Achen on the blog today as a guest author. Please enjoy his post about content creation. To learn more about Jeff, please scroll to the bottom of the post for his biography. Guest blog by Jeff Achen As I stood looking […]

Making Your Facebook Page a Labor of Love

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When social media is hard work, you know you’re doing it right. I should know, as I not only run SocialNicole’s social media marketing, but I also coach, advise and sometimes run the programs of other businesses too. It is a day-in and day-out process, and it’s hard work. If you don’t love your audience, […]