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Set up Your Pinterest Business Page

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After confusing users with insistent reminders that self-promotion and commercial usage on Pinterest was prohibited, Pinterest has now introduced the option of creating a Pinterest Business Page. This might be a great new feature, but how do you get started and how helpful could it really be? Let’s take a look at how you can set up a Pinterest Business Page – and hopefully get your page to explode with success just as Pinterest itself has.  Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 6.34.01 PM Pinterest is growing rapidly – they’ve grown from 3.3 million to 26.7 million in just a year. Now that they’ve introduced the Business Page feature, it’s time for businesses to join in this virtual success – they’re even encouraging businesses to change their existing accounts to business accounts. If you’re using your Pinterest account to promote any business, person or brand, it’s best to update your account. But what will this update get you?

You Become Official  Your business can now officially link your website to your Pinterest profile and will also have your full business URL in your Pinterest “About” section. Though the pages don’t look any different than a normal Pinterest account page, Pinterst now allows you to enter your full business name when registering instead of having to work around the old first-name-last-name format. Your business will be more easily found in searches and allows for invitation-free sign-ups. With a Pinterest Business Page, you and your business and brand become official Pinterest members (and even get an official “checkmark” like on Twitter)!

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You get new features Pinterest now allows your business to add buttons to your own website to make it easier for visitors to pin your items on their boards or to follow your feeds. Pinterest also welcomes businesses to add special “profile” or “board” widgets onto their websites to increase engagement from pinners and drive traffic back to their business sites. Pinterest is inviting businesses to openly use all these features – they want you to increase engagement from pinners! Businesses will also soon gain access to reports to aid their research in analyzing and better understanding their audience (similar to Facebook’s “Insights”). Pinterest will also send out alerts about new business page feature updates to make sure your business is always aware of new available features.

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Because of its rapid growth and success, Pinterest pages are becoming a must-have part of a business’ social media strategy. Your Pinterest Business Page is a great opportunity to build awareness of your brand and grow the loyalty of customers. Not only that, Pinterest also shows a strong connection between browsing pins and actual purchases made my customers. This new business page is a chance to build your brand and make some money – and what business doesn’t want that? Pinterest has even created a special page for users to convert their account to a business page, including tips and guides for using the new features. Need more help getting your business page set up? Feel free to connect with us – SocialNicole would love to help!

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