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Pinterest Gets a Facelift: New Design Coming Soon

As Pinterest’s popularity keeps rising, the need for innovation to keep users coming back is necessary. From offering secret boards to allowing businesses to convert to a business page, Pinterest seems to be keeping up with the demands of the masses. Now, they are innovating once again – by changing their design.

Yesterday when I logged on to Pinterest to do some client work, I noticed something new under the search bar: Preview our new look! 

pinterest's new design

Of course who is going to say no to seeing Pinterest’s new design?! After clicking “Preview” it took me to the page below where I would be able to explore what the new layout would look like while still being able to switch back to the “Old Look” whenever I wanted!

pinterest's new design

After pressing “Okay” I was able to start the preview experience! The Pinterest timeline looks pretty much the same with just a few tweeks to the design of certain elements like pins and the feed on the left side of your page.

pinterest's new design

You will also notice the drop down menu in the right hand corner of your page looks different. The choices available are the same as before but with a slightly different look that is more organized in my opinion.

pinterest's new design

The organization of your profile is still the same, once again with just a different look – more square and boxy.

pinterest's new design

Finally, some of the “Features” have taken on a new look as well. The “Add a Pin” feature looks like this:

pinterest's new design

To me, the changes to the layout and design of Pinterest don’t seem like huge deal. It appears that they are going for a more basic, organized look which everyone can appreciate but isn’t a game changer. I’m not knocking on the new design by any means as it means Pinterest is continuing to make the experience better for the user – and gain some attention for the site as well! The new design is still in the works  so for now, enjoy the preview until the design becomes official.

What do you think about the new Pinterest design? Share below! 

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