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The Basics: How To Use Facebook for Business

If you’re new to managing a business page on Facebook, the details of management can seem confusing. Learning the basics for posting on your company’s Facebook business page is crucial for the growth and development of your presence on Facebook. For those of you just starting out, we’ve created a basic guide to teach you how to use Facebook for business. You’ll be a pro in no time!

How to Use Facebook As Your Business

To use the page as your business instead of as yourself, click on Edit Page on your Facebook business page. A drop down list will appear, and you should select the Use Facebook as (insert your business here). By selecting this account, you will be free to post on that page, like other posts, etc. as your business instead of as yourself.


Connecting with Other Pages

How to Like a Business Page

1. Start by making sure you are using Facebook as your page not as yourself. Follow the preceding section on “How to use Facebook as Your School Page”. 2. On the top of your page, there will be a Search option. Start typing the business or organization’s name in this box. In this example, we will use AARP. two3. Once you start typing the business or individual name, it will populate a list of businesses or organizations that match the name you are typing. If there are a few of them, select the correct one you intend to like. three4. Once you have found the one you intend to like, click it so it directs you to their Facebook page. Select “like” to follow their news and updates. four Now that you have liked the page you want, you can tag them in your post. See below for directions on how to tag other pages in a post.

How To Tag Other Pages

It’s always a positive thing to give other pages credit for something they have done or said – you can do this by mentioning or “tagging” them in a post. This helps build relationships and gives your post credibility. When you decide where you want the tag to be in your post, type in the “@” sign and follow it by typing the business or person name. This will generate a drop down list of pages you have liked. When you have found the correct business or organization you would like to tag in your post, click the name and it will appear in a blue color in the post. Follow the tag with a message of your choice. five If you do not see the business or page that you want to tag, chances are you have not Liked their page. You need to search for the business or page and Like them before you can tag them in a post. See directions above on How to Like a Page.

Posting on Your Business Facebook Page 

How to Post a Link with Thumbnail

1. Copy the long link from the original webpage. six2. Paste the link into your post. When placing a link into Facebook, you will get a thumbnail photo, post title, and a short summary of the post. seven 3. Once the photo, post title, and a short summary of the post appear, delete the link and replace it with a message of your choice. Click “Post” to post onto your Facebook wall. Your final post should look something like this: eight

How to use to Shorten Links for Posting

When you want to post an article but don’t want to clutter your Facebook post with a long webpage link, you can use to shorten the link and lead users directly to the article. You may want to have open in another tab/window for your convenience. 1. Go to the website of the article you want to share on your Facebook wall. Copy the original link. nine 2. Got to and Click the “Paste a link here…” box as seen below: ten 3. Paste URL in the next box that appears that says “Paste a URL to save and shorten it” as seen below:   eleven   4. This will automatically generate a short link for you. Click “Copy” to copy this link to use in your Facebook post.


4. On your Facebook, write a message about the article you are going to post and then paste the link you copied from Click “Post” when you are finished. thirteen 5. Your final post, with a shortened link, should look like this when you are done: fourteen

How to Post a Link with a Photo

Having a long webpage link makes a post look messy and cluttered. This can often distract and lose potential readers because of the large amount of text. A great way to feature links in posts with photos and keep your page clean and professional looking is to have a shorter URL link. is a tool used to do just this. You may want to have a second tab opened to for convenience. 1. On the status option, select “Photo/Video.” fifteen 2. Select “Upload Photos/Video.” sixteen 3. This will give you the option of uploading an image from your computer. Select “Choose file.” seventeen 4. Since the image was uploaded from your computer, it will not direct viewers to a website. You can still provide a link with the image, by creating a Bit.Ly link to the image online. You may want to have another tab opened to Copy the original link where the image was found. eighteen 5. Paste the link into Click “Shorten” and this will automatically generate a shorter link. 6. Click “Copy” to copy the new shorten link.


7. Paste this link into the Facebook post. When prompted, select the “No Thumbnail” option since you are uploading an image. Write the post of your choice and select “Post” to post the image onto your wall. Your final post should look something like the one below. twenty Learning how to use Facebook for business can be fun, but will take time and patience. Once you’ve mastered these basic skills, there’s more fun to be had! Learn how to run successful Facebook contestsnavigate Facebook offers, or feel free to contact SocialNicole for help tailoring a more advanced and unique Facebook management plan for your business!

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