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WordPress Website Design

Many companies venture down the path to building a new website without internal expertise on content management systems, search engine optimization, social media and social marketing integration. This can be a costly mistake as effective social marketing requires a website that is responsive, easy to use and well designed. SocialNicole employs a team of expert developers, social media strategists and designers who work together to ensure that your website is not only easy to use but socially optimized as well.

WordPress Website Design and Development

By utilizing the latest in responsive design, SocialNicole developed WordPress websites make content and information accessible to the end user and search engines so that companies can be found easily and customers can learn and explore with ease. We focus on content-first informative, dynamic site that enables customers to learn, engage, exchange commerce, and learn where they want, when they want, how they want. Our choice content management platform is WordPress which allows for simple development of websites and blogs that allow flexibility for our clients to update and change their websites with ease while also keeping within a budget.


Social Website Consulting

We often we see companies invest thousands of dollars into a website design and development to find out after the investment that they missed many important social marketing elements and have to go back to the drawing board. Let us help save you money. We are experts on social marketing and understand how website design makes a difference to lead generation and positive return on investment. By joining your team in the planning stages we can help guide your decisions to a great website that will create optimal return on investment. We can also build your website for you.