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Social Media Marketing Consulting

We provide social media audits, strategic planning, metrics and measurement to help you improve your social media success. We start wherever you are at with your social media marketing and help you build a social media marketing program that fits your business, your needs and your resources.

Social Media Audits

Many businesses have already ventured into using social media, blogs, email or other forms of digital marketing. Often the struggle is how to leverage what they have built to be more successful and get better results. An audit allows our team of experts to assess where you are and what assets you have built and advise on what your next steps can be to improve. An audit can be used for a general tune-up and overall improvement or as the first step in a more extensive planning process. Audits often include:

  • Audience Identification
  • Social Media Channel Review
  • Website Evaluation
  • Content Evaluation
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Email Marketing Review
  • Traditional Marketing Review

Social Media Planning

The SocialNicole social media planning process delivers a plan that is not only useful but will get results. Our plans not only tell you where you should be present in social marketing from a business perspective, but also how you should measure success, what resources and tools will be needed and a comprehensive daily implementation plan to make it a reality. Our plans are customized to customer needs and wants but often include:

  • Social Media Audit
  • Audience Identification
  • Competitor Evaluation
  • Social Media Channel Selection
  • Content Planning
  • Editorial and Marketing Calendars
  • Integration with Traditional Marketing
  • Fans/Followers Participation and Growth
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Metrics
  • Employee Social Media Guidelines
  • Employee Participation
  • Campaigns and Promotions