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WordPress for SEO? Absolutly

How can developing a website in WordPress help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? The answer boils down to your definition of SEO. My answer may seem vague, but bear with me 🙂 SEO is providing access for any search engine on the web to find you. We approach this from many different angels. The obvious ones are metadata, site structure/architecture, etc. WordPress excels at laying out this framework for you practically out of the box, so we are already on our way. But there’s more…

The aspect of SEO that WordPress provides is the bare ABILITY to create content which is searchable. Content needs to be searchable for SEO, and content needs to be created to be searchable. Am I sounding obvious yet?

Social marketing (twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc.) is critical for the online success of a company. Having dynamic, live content on your website to direct people to, to connect with to others, to opening up a dialog through comments or having your content referenced. The idea of SEO has changed dramatically in the last decade as search engines (and social avenues ARE search engines) are interested in what people are genuinely communicating. WordPress is an SEO tool for gathering all the information you are pushing into the world!

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