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WordPress Plugins: Simple Solutions for the Client In-Need

As a website development firm SocialNicole employs some brilliant programmers. Unfortunately, programmers require a higher rate of billing than many other consultants we utilize. I am always happy to pay for developers as they create magic everyday online and it’s worth every penny. Yet as a virtual agency, SocialNicole is also very conscious of helping small and mid-sized businesses with their needs within tight budgets. This is one of the reasons I am such a huge fan of WordPress and it is our preferred content management platform for websites. WordPress and, specifically my theme of choice, Thesis theme allow for people with little or no coding experience to step in and make simple changes to their site. My clients are able to change text on specific pages and with Thesis they can also customize their website colors, fonts and more without any code. That’s cool and easy! Beyond that – plugins through WordPress allow for simple changes to be made to websites that do not always require a developer. An easier solution… An example of this was a recent request I received from a client who wanted to be able to make columns on her pages. WordPress, out of the box, allows for just one column text like this post. I turned to my developers for an easy solution to columns and, unfortunately, the answer was not so simple and would have required development time. The problem was that the most column plugins would unformat when the client entered the text edit screen and would require us to reset the structure. What a hassle! That would not do, as I needed a solution that would be client-friendly. I turned to Google to read about this issue and found that there were a lot of plugins available for columns. I started testing the plugins and found that they still were not all that client-friendly. Just as I was beginning to think this may be a more expensive solution that would require the developer I stumbled upon the Easy Column WordPress plugin. It did exactly what it’s name said! It provided an easy way to format columns and it was client friendly (meaning the client would not interrupt the code when making text changes). It even has a super sweet menu to make choices (as you can see below).

Where can you find it? To learn more about this plugin you can visit the developers website here. This was the only column plugin that seemed client-friendly but robust in its offerings, and that also worked with Thesis. It solved a problem without having to pay our developers to hard code this page, allows the client an easy solution and made all of us very happy!

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