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Why Use WordPress for Business Websites?

Greetings!  Obviously every business should have a website as part of their marketing efforts.  This much we know.  What can be uncertain is how to approach getting one put together and I think more importantly, how to maintain that site going forward as an active part of your business plan. This is where an important decision needs to be made, and it’s broader than anything web specific:  “What is the best tool for the job?”  Obvious right?  Casting a wide net on keeping your website alive and current is the ability to update and maintain what is currently there.  This is where Content Management Systems (CMS) come in and play a huge role in web development and business at large.  A solid CMS allows for anyone that has been given permission to login, choose the area of the site they wish to edit, make changes, save and MAGIC, everything that needs to be done behind the scenes for this to appear on the website just happens. So which tool? The main focus of this solution is WordPress.  Once easily dismissed as a tool just for personal blogs, WordPress has taken huge leaps and is now a major contender for web site development.   Of course, being originally built for blogs, WordPress has perfected the art of updating content.  But there are many more benefits than just communicating with your customers.  A fine-tuned backend structure created by WordPress is ideal for Search Engine Optimization.  Don’t believe me?  Ask google’s head of the webspam team, Matt Cutts. The 3rd big reason to use WordPress for your business is that WordPress is Open Source.  Meaning; the code that allows it to do all the amazing things that it does is available to anyone who wants to modify it.  Now only does this make WordPress extremely modular as far as what you can do with it, but it is also supported and used by thousands of people, all willing and happy to help 🙂 With WordPress you can create and edit your own content, get it to the top of the search engines AND you are never at the mercy of a dead end development when you want to expand what your site can do.

Clint Carlson is the Lead Website Developer for SocialNicole, LLC. Check out his profile here.
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