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Why Conduct A Digital Marketing Audit Every Year

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Digital Marketing Audit Versus Social Media Marketing Audit: What’s the Difference?

So you clicked on the link for this story and you immediately see we have switched our terminology from digital marketing audit to social media marketing audit. And you say, “what gives?” And honestly you are more likely saying “what is the difference among digital marketing, social media marketing, online marketing, new media marketing and the plethora of other terms?” That’s a good question and that is a whole post of its own that I am working on writing. But I will explain our approach at SocialNicole towards all the terms and why we make the switch in terminology here in this post. We believe social is a way of being, not just a set of tools. We also believe that to be effective at “social media marketing” you need to have all your digital assets properly aligned (digital is social, social is digital, social is online, online is social, social is everything, everything is social–deep, huh?). We see social media marketing as the umbrella of all marketing as it’s simply become integrated into how people communicate and make decisions. We believe that the there is a massive fundamental shift of communications happening that is so big, so widespread and so complex that as we live through the shift we often don’t even recognize it for what it is–a revolution. People honestly think they have a choice of whether or not to “be social.” In reality, there is no choice because social is simply a part of our everyday existence. So we work to educate people towards thinking social whenever they think digital or online and honestly even offline too. Whatever you are doing as a company to attract customers, you should have a social perspective. Social media is not just a tweet on the side or a Facebook post, it is the base of all your communications and if it’s not, it should be. So we work tirelessly to bring people to this realization.

Why you need a social media marketing audit every year?

Why conduct a social media marketing audit and analysis each year for your brand? Keeping up with your brand’s online presence can be tough. Things change in your business throughout the year, and your digital marketing strategy should follow suit. Keeping up with blogs, email marketing, strategy changes and shifts in social media and search engine optimization can be challenging to say the least. An audit helps to keep you on track towards your goals.

Why use an outside consultant for your audit?

Let’s face it: Even with a full marketing team in place, it isn’t easy to be objective about your own marketing efforts. It’s difficult to look for mistakes and strategize based on your own missed opportunities. A qualified social media marketing professional can give you objective feedback to improve your work going forward. With so many moving parts involved in online marketing, it’s hard to look at each piece with a fresh perspective. Ensuring everything you do aligns with the core concept of connecting with your prospects and turning them into leads and eventually sales is a big job. It requires constant adjustment to ensure that all systems are working properly.

Who to hire for your social media marketing audit?

We recommend you hire a qualified social media marketing consultant with comprehensive experience in all types of digital marketing. This can be challenging as everywhere you turn their is another “social media consultant” looking to be hired. This is where SocialNicole comes in. As a dedicated social media agency, we have been built from the ground up on social media. We not only have true expertise that has been grown over years and years of experience and training, we have a philosophy of ensuring all our clients are working towards excellence online and offline. We offer strategic advice to make your online presence interactive and help you make real connections. There are many agencies that offer digital marketing services. While such broad experience is desirable, it is only worthwhile if they have social media expertise to fine tune the approach. If you want people to talk about your brand, you have to focus on being social. This is our belief and why we are one of the leading social media agencies out there. Remember, online marketing is about connecting with your customers and that’s done through social media! Be wary of ad agencies, SEO agencies and others who tack on social media marketing to their services. One important question to ask when hiring is: “Who is your social media expert and what is their experience?” You are looking for a dedicated expert social media strategist who also has a strong understanding of all areas of digital marketing. If a person is truly an expert in social media, they will have a working knowledge of SEO, content marketing and email marketing. But they will not sell you on the idea that they can do it all, they will tell you what really needs to be done and bring a team to the table of experts to get all the details in place.

What to expect from a social media marketing audit?

Audits vary greatly based on your budget, how vast your digital marketing efforts are and what goals you have. Here are some basics you can expect:

  • Review of all marketing plans. Special attention should be placed on audience and company goals.
  • Review of all online and offline channels, including metrics.
  • Review of brand messaging online
  • Feedback (in the form of a clear and concise report) that tells you what is working and suggestions for improvement.
  • Ideas for potential campaigns or efforts that could increase your exposure online and offline.
  • Advice on adding and or improving marketing funnels to reach goals.
  • Areas of review should include: Website and Blog, SEO, Social Media Channels, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing and any additional marketing online and offline that the company has been using.

Additional items that may be included in your social media marketing audit

  • Competitive analysis – We like to create a spreadsheet where clients can track competitors year by year.
  • Metrics spreadsheet setup – If you are not tracking social metrics, request that your auditor set you up with a basic metrics tracking spreadsheet so you can begin to make informed decisions about social media.
  • Suggestions for new channels – Social media changes constantly. As new platforms arise, there may be more opportunities for your brand. Ask your auditor to recommend new social media channels if they are appropriate.

So you’re considering a social media marketing audit? Contact SocialNicole today for a free estimate. We’d love to help you! Photo Credit

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