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Tell Your Story with Instagram

By now, you’ve probably heard about Facebook’s insane purchase for $1 billion, Instagram.  Instagram is a fun and easy way to share everyday life events via pictures and is growing quickly in popularity.  It’s like a virtual scrapbook where you can share and edit photos you snap from your smart phone or computer.  That makes it easy to do on-the-go or from the office!  Don’t disregard Instagram as just another tool you won’t use, there are numerous benefits to this unique and fun application that can set your business apart! Like I said, Instagram isn’t just for sharing photos you would regularly share like of your products or a everyone posed at company party.  It’s for all the little moments and things that make your company who you are.  The candid and quirky things that happen that make you seem more than bricks and mortar.  And, you can share them all over, not just on the site itself!  From Twitter to Facebook you can post your Instagrams for all of your online community to see.  It’s a chance to connect with your customers in a unique way and makes your business seem more real, more human, more interesting and to share your story!

Here are 4 ways to use Instagram to connect you to your online community:

Share stuff from behind the scenes – take a moment to snap a picture of a board room meeting, brainstorming session, storyboards set up somewhere or anything that your customers wouldn’t normally get to see.  Forever 21, a clothing retailer, uses their Instagram to share pictures from photo shoots and new trends to try. This provides them with a whole new outlook on the company and can make some monotinous tasks fun for you as well! Connect with customers – have them share Instagram photos of them with your product or at a company event.  Like Pinterest, Instagram is a great way to promote community involvement.  You can even create some sort of contest out of it and incorporate Twitter!  For example, create a hashtag related to your contest and require people to take pictures going along with the contest theme.  Have them snap pictures with their instagram app and post it using the hashtag. Have employees post pictures – Have your employees snap pictures from their business travels, a bunch of you partcipating in a 5k run or someone being silly on a coffee break.  Once again, use this tool to make things more personal.  You know your company isn’t just business suits and meetings, so let everyone else know too! Connect your company’s Pinterest with Instagram – If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, check out our blog post series on Pinterest starting with Pinning Down the Basics of Pinterest.  Once you’re up to date, create a board where you can upload your Instagram photos or connect a contest (like mentioned before) and share those pictures on the board! Time and time again we hear the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” but rarely do we take it to heart.  Take time to look into Instragram and consider adding this simple tool into your day to day routine.  Sometimes the easiest way to tell is story is by clicking a button, snapping the perfect shot and sharing it with the world. Photo Credit

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