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What is Content Marketing?

It’s been around for a while, taking on endless disguises and aliases, and it’s now one of the key tools being utilized in modern business: Content Marketing. In an age of optimized consumerism, businesses are always looking for ways to attract new customers and maintain the existing ones. Content Marketing seems to be the key to charming customers in today’s business world – but what is it really?

Content Marketing is a technique of creating and sharing relevant content to engage customers. It’s all about intent. Consumers are looking for specified information, and companies are learning how to give it to them in a way that enhances their business. Businesses research their audiences and create intentional content to engage and inform consumers. It’s a way to appeal to potential customers and keep current ones interested. Content Marketing is rather sneaky because, on the surface, businesses aren’t actually selling consumers anything. This marketing method simply informs customers about the area of business, educating them on the content of the field and encouraging them to trust in that certain company when it comes time to actually do business. This type of marketing is creative and inventive. It looks for ways to interest and affect customers, building connections that go beyond business contracts. Social media plays a big role in content marketing, but it’s certainly not the only medium. E-books, podcasts, webinars, etc. are all great ways businesses are connecting with audiences. Content Marketing allows businesses to relate to consumers without openly vying for their business.  It doesn’t interrupt, but, rather, it informs. All businesses really want is for their customers to make an informed decision about whom they choose to do business with. In the end, businesses hope their diligence in delivering relevant and interesting content will be rewarded with business from customers. Check out a creative content marketing event here:   Photo Credit  

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