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Twitter’s Recent Changes to Character Limits and more

twitter Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms and has remained pretty consistent since it came into existence. One thing that makes Twitter unique is the 140-character limit. This character limit sometimes forced you to get a little creative when you wanted to say a lot but had limited space, especially if you wanted to share any type of media. Previously, adding a photo would use up 22 of your characters, so you’d have even less to work with. Twitter recently made a couple of changes to their character limits. While they did not increase the number of characters you have to tweet they did implement two changes that will no longer use up your precious characters, hence giving you more space to speak up.

Twitter’s recent character changes:

  • When writing a tweet or replying to a tweet, photos, GIFs, polls and other media no longer count against the 140-character limit. This means you can use your full 140-characters for text and still attach an image or a poll.
  • Retweeting or quoting a tweet no longer takes a portion of your 140-character count. You now will have all 140-characters to work with.

Changes you may have missed on their mobile app:

Twitter made a couple of changes to their mobile app back in March that you may have missed, particularly when it comes to photos. These changes are:

  • Tag up to 10 people in a photo and add a location and description. When you are uploading a photo via the mobile app you now have the ability to add a location, tag up to 10 people and add a description
  • Upload up to 4 photos per tweet. Long gone are the days when a tweet could only contain one photo, you now have the ability to add up to 4 photos.

Twitter Changes coming soon:

  • Twitter will roll out a change, so when you tweet @name the name will no longer count toward your 140-character count.
  • In the near future you will hopefully be saying goodbye to the .@ when you are starting a tweet @name that you want all your followers to see. In the past if you started a tweet with @name, only the person you tweeted at would see the tweet. People would bypass this by putting a . before the @name. It is rumored that there will be some sort of signal for you to select to decipher between whether or not you want your @ reply to go to the intended person or the intended person and a broader audience.

All of the changes and proposed changes are keeping us excited and interested in Twitter. Are there any other changes you are hoping Twitter makes soon? If so, share with us in the comments below.

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