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Twitter Archive Feature: How to Find Your First Tweet

Ever wonder what your first words to the world were on Twitter?  There’s an easy way to find out using Twitter Archive Feature. Read the easy step-by-step instructions below and get a blast from your Twitter past!

How To: Use Twitter Archive Feature

Step 1: Go to your Twitter account settings. twitter's archive feature Step 2: Scroll down to request your Twitter archive and click “Download.” twitter's archive feature 2   Step 3: Open the verification email from Twitter and click “Go Now” to download your archive. twitter's archive feature 3   Step 4: Open the “tweets” folder in your downloads and click “index.html” twitter's archive feature 4   Step 5: See when you started tweeting. The blue bars represent your tweets.  Click on the first chronological bar. twitter's archive feature 5   Step 6:  Your first month of tweets will appear.  Scroll down to find your first-ever tweet. twitter's archive feature 6   What was your first tweet? We’d love to hear it! Share in the comments below.

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