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Twitter Ads: Are they right for your business?

Twitter Advertising-How It Works:

Promoted Tweets and Trends are the name of the game for this website.  Advertisers pay per impression (CPM) to have their tweet show up at the top of users’ feeds when certain hashtags are used or certain search terms are sought after on Twitter’s search engine.  Much like Facebook, the advertisements, or tweets, can be targeted to users of a specific interest and geographic location.  However, tweets that are engaging are rewarded with more play-time, while the tweets that fail to resonate are sadly replaced by more creative ads.  In other words, make it catchy or don’t make it at all. Twitter has also been experimenting with Sponsored Tweets.  This type of advertising gains its momentum by having you, the advertiser, pay certain popular tweeters of your choice to sponsor your tweet.

Example Twitter AdAn example of a Sponsored Tweet

Twitter Advertising-The Low-Down: 

Twitter, by far, is still the most underdeveloped advertising platform yet among its fellow social media.  Shocking, huh?  Though Twitter holds tremendous potential in the future for marketers due to its real-time nature, its platform is nearly unattainable and largely unpractical for the majority of businesses out there.  This is where we hold out hope that eventually Twitter will develop its platform to cater to more than just large businesses and corporations. Currently Twitter is beta testing more on their Promoted Tweets to try and more effectively develop the lucrative advertising technique.

Twitter Advertising – The Cost: 

This one is not cheap.  Both Promoted Tweets/Trends and Sponsored Tweets can cost anywhere between anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 for an estimated monthly budget.  Once again highlighting the difficulty of its use for most regular businesses. Next paid advertisement stop: StumbleUpon! Have you or your business come across Sponsored or Promoted tweets during your Twitter adventures?  If so, did they make an impact on you?  Comment and let us know! Photo Credit 1 Photo Credit 2      

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