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Top Twitter Hashtags: Summer 2013

 Top Twitter Hashtags

Do you want to get more retweets and followers? It might all just depend on which hashtags you are using for your tweets. Are you using the top Twitter hashtags? Changing seasons, world events, and popular culture all affect what’s currently trending on Twitter. Though what’s trending can change in a split second, we’re taking a look at what’s trending for this season: summer 2013. Before diving into this season’s top hashtags, let’s review the basics of Twitter hashtags. The hashtag is an organizing tool to categorize topics and information. Followers or searchers of particular hashtags will see your posts, which in turn can gain you more followers and retweets. Hashtags are a great way to network and socialize with people with a common interest. They drive traffic to you if used properly. Tagging a tweet with a hashtag makes it easier for others to find your tweet.

Top Twitter Hashtags of the Summer

The best way to shuffle readers to your tweets is to use top Twitter hashtags. They change quickly, so staying alert and interested in what’s currently going on and grabbing a trending hashtag can help you land a popular tweet. But what’s popular right now? What are the top Twitter hashtags of Summer 2013? According to, the latest trending hashtags from all across the globe include:

Summer has come and as the events and seasons of the world change, so do our popular hashtags. The key to staying relevant is to keep an eye on what’s trending – you never know #whatwillhappennext. Stay tuned – later this week we’ll explore Hashtagging Best Practices!

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