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Taking You Above and Beyond: Your Google+ Business Page

Let’s face it: Google+ hasn’t been the most warmly welcomed social networking tool. But don’t let your innate distaste blind you from the awesome benefits that a Google+ Business Page has to offer. It’s not enough just to stick with your personal page – business pages offer opportunities to market your business, connect with customers, and ultimately grow your business. A New Way to Be Found  Google+ Business Pages are also a great tool for online advertising. If you have a Google+ Business Page, your page, profile, image, and most recent posts are eligible to show up on the right-hand side of Google search results when your business is relevant to a customer’s search. By showing up in this part of a customer’s search screen, your business will look popular, relevant, and credible. This is something businesses don’t have to pay for – all you have to do verify that you’re interested in this type of promotion and then consistently share popular content, consistently engage with users, and grow a strong following – Google does the rest.

Google+ Business Page

Another way to promote your business is through customer recommendations. By adding social extensions for AdWords through your business page, you can show customers’ recommendations across Google by linking your Google+ page to your AdWords campaign. Google will tally the social interactions with your brand, including +1’s for your Google+ page, website, and ads and that information will be shared with your ad on Google.

Google+ Business Page

Having a Google+ Business Page also gives you the opportunity to add the +1 button directly to your business site. This button makes it simple for fans to show their support of your company and share that love with other users. Businesses can also extend that reach even further by enabling AdWords social extensions with a simple code.

Google+ Business Page

A New Way to See Growth Google+ Business Pages offer many elements that can be key to the growth of your business. Google+ Ripples’ Google+ Business Page data visualization tells you who’s sharing and resharing your posts most often. This tool allows you to recognzie influencers and active users within your community. Google Analytics will also offer Google+ Business Pages the chance to get social data reports that show how Google+ influences the effect of personalized recommendations on your site, what visitors from other social networks are coming to your site to see, and more powerful statistics. The search tool on Google+ can also be a great asset to your business. By searching keywords, names, or anything else, your search results will give you insight into what people are saying about your brand. A New Way to Connect  Your Google+ Business Page is an opportunity to tell people what you’re all about. Google+ is an entirely new market of customers – who may not have seen or heard about you. By having a valid business page, you’re easy to identify and simple to connect with. This is another chance for your business to reach out and connect with customers. Your Google+ Business Page also allows you to have 10 person video chats through Google+ Hangouts, creating an automatic virtual focus group. You can also add a free Google+ badge to your website so visitors can share your content and follow your Google+ page directly from your site. Google+ is currently growing exponentially – and it’s only going to get bigger and better. Take advantage of a Google+ Business Page today and see positive business growth tomorrow. Interested in getting some help setting up your Google+ Business page? Contact SocialNicole – we’d love to help! Photo Credit

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