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How To: Build the Perfect Blog Post

how to write a blog postWriting a blog post can be difficult. After spending time developing a piece of quality content, planning out your post, and actually sitting down to write the post, it can be overwhelming to know where to go from there. But putting together a post can be simple. Every post has a basic anatomy – and we’re here to teach you how to write a blog post the right way. Let’s take a look at the key elements:


The goal of this element is simple: to grab the attention of readers. This is your shot to be both creative and informative. After all, readers may not even bother to click on your link if your headline doesn’t catch their eye.


Give your reader a rundown of the post in the most interesting and engaging way possible. This opening, consisting of 3-5 concise sentences, should include a few key insights that encourage readers to continue reading. Your headline got their attention, but this opening should give them a reason to read the post.


All posts should include an image, no exceptions. This image is supplementary and shouldn’t overpower your post. Most writers recommend that your image be half the width of your page in order to break up text and naturally push readers through the post. Your image should complement your written words, illustrating your points in an unforced way.


Subheadings are an important element of blog posts that are often overlooked. These subheads are a promise. They show your reader, in short and simple spurts, what they’re going to learn from your post. They’re also important to break up text and give readers the option of reading only a portion of your post. Use subheadings as landmarks to guide your reader through the post – this makes the reading experience an easy one.


This is the meat of your post. What do you want to say? What is the purpose of the post? Introduce your issue and flesh it out. Most posts will include numerous subheadings and content blocks, so don’t be afraid to fully express your ideas. The content of your post should teach your readers something – fully engage your audience and connect with them in the best way you know how. Consider including a list of how-to tips or a teachable anecdote. This is the portion that speaks to who your brand is and what they care about. Remember to write with a strong voice, representing your personal or company brand with passion.

Conclude/Call to Action

Don’t make the mistake of ending your post with pure content. Blog posts can’t just simply end. Guide your reader out of the meat of your content and into the purpose of the post. Wrap it up cleanly and finish with a call to action. Ask readers to sign up for your email list or to contact your company for more information on the topic. Ask readers their opinions and encourage them to leave a comment below your post. This is the most natural place to include a plug for your company, so don’t miss the opportunity. Loved these tips, but not quite ready to embark on a blogging journey alone? Contact SocialNicole – we’d love to help you discover a plan to for how to write a blog post perfect for your company. Photo Credit

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