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Twitter’s Recent Changes to Character Limits and more

Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms and has remained pretty consistent since it came into existence. One thing that makes Twitter unique is the 140-character limit. This character limit sometimes forced you to get a little creative when you wanted to say a lot but had limited space, especially if you wanted […]

Twitter Lessons from a Lake Creature

Two years ago I was introduced to one of my favorite clients. Yes, it’s true, I have favorites. And this one, well, I think she’d be your favorite too. This client was none other than local superstar Minne the Lake Creature, who calls the Minneapolis lakes her home during the spring and summer months. Minne’s […]

Kony 2012 and The Power of Social Media

By now, most of you have heard of the Kony 2012 campaign started by Invisible Children aimed at finding and arresting war criminal Joseph Kony.  If you haven’t, make sure you watch the video here.  Regardless on how you feel about the issue itself and what side you’re on there is one important thing we can take away […]

Twitter Guide: How to, tips, tricks and more…

I hope you have found the SocialNicole Twitter week to be valuable and useful. Perhaps it has led you to want to explore Twitter further. For those looking for more tips, tricks and advice on Twitter I have created this blog post with a mixture of Twitter basics and Twitter marketing 101 posts. Any Twitter […]

Tweeting from the dentist chair and other time management tips

One question I often hear regarding the implementation of social media for a business or organization is, “Who has the time?” It’s true that carving out time for tweeting and Facebooking and all the other tasks associated with social media is a big challenge for businesses regardless of size, but that shouldn’t hold you back […]

Social Media Community Management: My favorite 4 productivity tools

As a Social Media Community Manager I love testing new online tools that have potential to make my job easier. There are many great tools out there you can get for free and/or at an affordable cost.  Below are my favorite productivity tools, I use all of these on a daily basis. If you have […]

Twitter For Business: How To Increase Your Sales

Social media is changing the way we do business. The days of searching out a company or vendor, calling or visiting them and asking lots of questions before buying may soon be a part of the past. Twitter provides customers with a new way to do business. Ask and you shall receive. Let me explain […]

Twitter Chat: 7 easy steps for creating a transcript

Jamie Millard Happiest when generating ideas and solving problems, Jamie brings focus and originality to every endeavour. Currently, she executes all marketing and advertising objectives for People’s Center Health Services, where she has successfully positioned People’s Center as the leader in new media strategies for community health centers in Minnesota. In addition to her “day” […]

Online Auctions: #NPTalk Transcript 10/27/10

Online auctions are becoming an increasingly popular way for nonprofit organizations to raise money. How to set up an online auction, what are the most effective tools to use for online auctions and what is the best way to get the word out to your community are all questions answered in this transcript of #NPTalk. […]

People are NOT on Twitter to be Marketed To! 10 Tips for Businesses using Twitter

In my post titled “Stop Pushing Your Twitter Marketing Messages at Me” I argued that you should not be on Twitter if you are not going to invest the time energy and resources to do it right. I also promised to provide some simple tips to start using Twitter effectively for marketing your business. Here […]