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Twitter Lessons from a Lake Creature

Two years ago I was introduced to one of my favorite clients. Yes, it’s true, I have favorites. And this one, well, I think she’d be your favorite too. This client was none other than local superstar Minne the Lake Creature, who calls the Minneapolis lakes her home during the spring and summer months. Minne’s […]

Twitter Guide: How to, tips, tricks and more…

I hope you have found the SocialNicole Twitter week to be valuable and useful. Perhaps it has led you to want to explore Twitter further. For those looking for more tips, tricks and advice on Twitter I have created this blog post with a mixture of Twitter basics and Twitter marketing 101 posts. Any Twitter […]

Twitter For Business: How To Increase Your Sales

Social media is changing the way we do business. The days of searching out a company or vendor, calling or visiting them and asking lots of questions before buying may soon be a part of the past. Twitter provides customers with a new way to do business. Ask and you shall receive. Let me explain […]

People are NOT on Twitter to be Marketed To! 10 Tips for Businesses using Twitter

In my post titled “Stop Pushing Your Twitter Marketing Messages at Me” I argued that you should not be on Twitter if you are not going to invest the time energy and resources to do it right. I also promised to provide some simple tips to start using Twitter effectively for marketing your business. Here […]

STOP Pushing Your Twitter Marketing Messages At Me!

It never ceases to amaze me how many businesses and nonprofits continue to use Twitter as a broadcasting mechanism. They think that Twitter is simply a place to amplify messages about themselves, push out specials, push out events, push out articles about themselves, push, push, push… Twitter is not television. It is not a free […]