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Why Personalization in Customer Service Leads to Repeat Customers

  Being a fan or a follower in an online community can sometimes be tough. You’re loyal to a brand or company, you retweet what they post, you like their statuses, you comment on photos, but in the end sometimes you feel like you’re nothing more than a click on their page. As a business, […]

Pinning Down the Basics of Pinterest

It’s fun, it’s interactive, it’s easy, and it’s free. What more could you ask for when trying to market your brand? Pinterest categorizes themselves as a “virtual pinboard” or a place to “organize and share beautiful things you find on the web” . To me Pinterest is an online window shopping experience, a photo gallery, […]

Play in the Facebook Game & Get your Fans Cheering

One of the most frequent questions I am confronted with as Community Manager for SocialNicole is, “People are talking to me on Twitter, but how do I get that kind of reaction on my Facebook fan page?” In my experience even if your company has a bustling Twitter feed, sometimes your Facebook page isn’t exactly […]

12 for ’12- Quick & Easy Tips for Hiring a Valuable Community Manager

At SocialNicole we’re taking the week to help you focus on two aspects of your business’ social media marketing that you may not have considered: social media community managers and outsourcing your social media.  We receive questions as to the benefits of both these options and decided, “Why not? Let’s share our knowledge!” Each day […]

The Social “Media” Effect- How a simple post tossed me into a lake

Let me tell you a story… It’s a story of how social media can lead someone to step out of their comfort zone and try new things, such as raising money for an important cause by jumping into an ice cold lake.

Stepping Up to the Plate- Let’s Hit a Homerun This Year!

I am not sure about you, but I am very excited that the new year is under way. I spend a few weeks before the new year reviewing my business and planning for the next year, setting business goals, making communication plans and trying to get everything set to move ahead. It’s always an exciting […]

Wikipedia: Is it a ‘go’ or ‘no go’ for your business?

A few weeks ago I walked with you through the steps to creating your very first Wikipedia article.  What I did not mention, however, is that for many businesses the question of whether or not they should even bother tackling this task is a first concern. There are more than 25 million pages that have […]

Are you ‘open’ to a New Years marketing resolution?

It’s that time of year again… Businesses around the world are wrapping up 2011 and planning for 2012.  At SocialNicole we are busy helping our clients assess their current online marketing strategies and helping them determine which improvements can be made to help them reach their 2012 goals for engagement online and increased sales. Don’t […]

LinkedIn ads- giving a businesses the edge

LinkedIn ads-How do they work: And last but not least are LinkedIn ads.  This platform lets your business deliver advertising to people with certain qualifications or titles.  As not much interest is placed on personal interests here, when setting up a LinkedInAds campaign special emphasis is placed on targeting users through job title, industry, seniority […]

Discovering paid advertising on StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon Ads-How It Works: Hopefully by now you’ve brushed up on the StumbleUpon blog posts here at SocialNicole and are fully aware of how to  use this beneficial social media tool.  If not never fear go ahead take a moment to read them now: Stumbling Around the Web and  Creating a Community of Stumblers for Your […]