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Wikipedia: Is it a ‘go’ or ‘no go’ for your business?

A few weeks ago I walked with you through the steps to creating your very first Wikipedia article.  What I did not mention, however, is that for many businesses the question of whether or not they should even bother tackling this task is a first concern. There are more than 25 million pages that have […]

LinkedIn ads- giving a businesses the edge

LinkedIn ads-How do they work: And last but not least are LinkedIn ads.  This platform lets your business deliver advertising to people with certain qualifications or titles.  As not much interest is placed on personal interests here, when setting up a LinkedInAds campaign special emphasis is placed on targeting users through job title, industry, seniority […]

New Social Media Tools : Transcript #NpTalk 3/9/2011

What’s new in social media tools and platforms? What are some management tools to make things easier for your organization? Are new platforms such as Quora and TED Conversations worth looking into? Our chat on March 9, 2011 was full of great tools and platforms that people are using. Check out the transcript below to […]