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Should Your Business Take a Stab at Pinterest?

  In my last post, Pinning Down the Basics of Pinterest, we skimmed the surface on Pinterest and discussed the basics and the value for your business. This week, let’s take it a bit further and figure out if it’s the right move for your business to invest time in Pinterest. Pinterest seems like a great […]

So you think you want to write a Wikipedia article?

Lucky you! You’re about to join the more than 15 million  users who already call Wikipedia “home”. Or as they lovingly refer to themselves: “Wikipedians.” But what some early-Wikipedians may not realize is that adding a page to the Wikipedia community takes a little more elbow-grease than just a quick write-up and copy-paste. Just like any game, […]

Twitter For Business: How To Increase Your Sales

Social media is changing the way we do business. The days of searching out a company or vendor, calling or visiting them and asking lots of questions before buying may soon be a part of the past. Twitter provides customers with a new way to do business. Ask and you shall receive. Let me explain […]

STOP Pushing Your Twitter Marketing Messages At Me!

It never ceases to amaze me how many businesses and nonprofits continue to use Twitter as a broadcasting mechanism. They think that Twitter is simply a place to amplify messages about themselves, push out specials, push out events, push out articles about themselves, push, push, push… Twitter is not television. It is not a free […]