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#SocialSpotlight: Southdale Center Shines on Social Media

southdale In this ultra-modern age of high speed internet, ecommerce and online shopping, it’s easy to forget that the mall is still a place where people like to visit to shop, eat, spend time with family and friends and soak up the atmosphere of their communities. But that’s exactly what the Southdale Center of Edina Minnesota aims to promote through its use of social media. This is why it Southdale Center social media been selected as this week’s #SocialSpotlight. Their social media presence revolves around four main areas: Facebook, Twitter, blogging and Instagram. Each is used slightly differently, but with the aim of evoking emotion within their followers, encouraging them to visit, enjoy and engage in retail therapy that the Internet outlets are unable to replicate.

Engaging on Facebook

Southdale Center’s Facebook page is a mix of eye-catching images featuring fashion, food items, cinematic delights and store displays. These images simply invite you to come over and try the mall experience for yourself – without ever seeming like an advertisement for one product or store. Their Facebook sharing aims instead to simply bring people into the mall for all of their retail and real-life social needs.

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Posts feature promotions, latest fashion trends and foods that simply look too good not to visit the mall to sample. But they also want to engage with their visitors, working to bring the mall to life by posting historic photographs of times gone-by, full of nostalgia and emotion that a website could never hope to replicate. Questions are asked of visitors to find out their plans for the weekend, shopping habits, favorite places to dine and what they like to order.

Connecting on Twitter

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 2.43.29 PM On Twitter the center takes a slightly different approach and enjoys a more conversationalist style with local residents and visitors to the mall who have tweeted to share their latest retail purchases from the mall’s very own stores. It really is a personal touch to the retail experience. Competitions and the same style questions as found on their Facebook pages are also found on Twitter as they look for ways to engage, delight and draw visitors into the mall.

Blogging On-Trend

Simon Style Setter, a blog by the parent company owners of the Southdale Mall, features posts aimed directly at the Minnesotan and Edina visitors, detailing the latest fashions and trends that are occurring within the area. These blog posts reflect the latest must-have designs directly within the area and feature clothing and items that can be found within the mall so you can be assured that whatever you are buying won’t be out of style the minute you leave the mall.

Sharing on Instagram

Finally, on the Southdale Instagram page, you can find bright and colorful photographs that have been taken in and around the mall, featuring store fronts and displays. Visitors of all ages enjoy the facilities and events that have taken place at the mall and all of the latest and greatest offers that any visitor should take advantage of should they chose to visit.

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Online shopping is quick and convenient and has established its place in the 21st Century. But through the Southdale Center’s use of social media, these posts and interactions will inspire just about anyone who longs for a touchy/feely, traditional shopping or social experience to visit the mall and enjoy their day. Photo Credit

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