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#SocialSpotlight: Bose Wants to Hear From You

The Social Spotlight, now called #SocialSpotlight started on the SocialNicole Facebook page as a way for us to highlight innovative and unique social media programs. We have recently evolved the Facebook campaign to include both our blog and Twitter. Our goal is simple: by sharing great social media programs and campaigns and encouraging others to do the same we create an ongoing conversation around these “case studies” which encourages creativity and excellence for future efforts. Who doesn’t want to construct a great social media campaign? We are here to help make that happen. And if you have ideas of great companies we can feature on the #SocialSpotlight, connect with us on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear your ideas! Bose Since Apple first introduced the iPod, it seems that music has become ever more important to us all. We seem to carry it around with us everywhere we go: at work, at the gym, on the train, on our phones, laptops and MP3 players. Because we’re always tuned into our music, the headphones and speakers we use have also grown to matter. Just look at the rise of Beats headphones as a supporting example. But Bose is a pre-iPod company who has cared about sound since 1964. In fact, their company tagline articulates this emphasis: “Better Sound Through Research.”

The Noise on Bose Social Media

But with the rise of hipper, younger, rivals such as “Beats,” how has Bose used social media to maintain their company image?  They have used Twitter extensively to promote their products and offer speakers and headphones as prizes for their online social media competitions, all to engage with their audience of musicphiles. The Facebook and YouTube sites belonging to the company are filled with interviews of young, up and coming artists and those involved within the music industry, as well as other competitions, promotions, trivia questions and product advertisements. All of these online promotions are linked together with the use of the #BetterSound hashtag, which has really caught on with their existing and satisfied customers who obviously really enjoy the sound quality of their purchases. Those customers who do run into problems are fully supported via the @BoseService Twitter handle, where questions and answer sessions can occur to help diagnose and solve any product or set up issue an audio guru may run into. Bose, a company that exists purely to let you hear the world in the exact way it was intended, also, it seems likes to hear from you, too! Photo Credit

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