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Our Secret Weapon for Social Media Management

A solid social media strategy requires a lot of time-consuming tasks and it can be tough to manage your time efficiently. Believe me, I know social media secret weaponfrom first hand experience as one of the social media community managers for SocialNicole. I am in charge of managing multiple client accounts and ensuring their strategies and plans are implemented everyday. And guess what? I don’t get to spend hours on each client. I am expected to create a presence that is active throughout the day, but only spend a small amount of the day actually live online. How is it that we can be online all day without being online all day? It requires careful strategy between live posting and scheduling posts throughout the day. One of SocialNicole’s secret weapons in doing this effectively is using Buffer App. It makes sharing content quick and easy. Plus, I can use it on all of my devices. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that the SocialNicole team loves testing new social media tools. Buffer has consistently been one of our favorite ways to share content, and today I’ll be walking you through some basic tips to use it effectively. This is one of our best social media tips for small businesses so keep reading!

What is Buffer?

Buffer is an app that schedules social media updates to save you time. You select great content to share through your Buffer account and it automatically posts for you at designated times. This allows you to consistently share new content without manually creating new posts for all of your social media channels. Here’s the way Buffer describes their platform: “Buffer makes it easy to share great pictures, videos and links with your friends and followers across your social networks. Buffer lets you quickly share content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and on your computer or mobile phone.” It offers custom scheduling, analytics and insights, multiple account management, team member access and on-the-go management. social media tips

How will Buffer help me?

Social media tools have become a must to save time. As a community manager, I use plenty of helpful tools to make social media management as seamless as possible. Buffer is one of my favorite tools because it makes sharing articles quick and easy. Why wouldn’t you want to share great content with your followers in one click?

Tips On How to Use Buffer App Correctly

Before I go into all the bells and whistles about Buffer and share why it is one of our favorite tools in the SocialNicole arsenal I need to first give you several tips on how to use Buffer App effectively. These tips are the most important thing you need to know because if you use Buffer wrong it will make you appear as though you are “calling in” your social media and not really being present.  Some basic use tips for Buffer:

  1. Do not schedule regular posts with Buffer. If you are going to ask a question, comment on the weather, @reply to someone or share something in the moment and special do not use Buffer. Why not you ask? Because people who know about Buffer (which is almost everyone) knows that it is a scheduling application and know that you are not really present. Automation can be good, but too much automation takes away the personal touch that is important with social media. The first rule of social media marketing is to act like a real person.
  2. Do Buffer content that you are curating from other sources as well as content that you have created. The number one way we use Buffer is to schedule content that we curate for our audience. We read RSS feeds but we don’t want to bombard our audience with the 15 articles we’ve just read all at once. So we Buffer the articles to spread them out. Sharing our content is really our main purpose for Buffer.
  3. Do not use Buffer on Facebook. For that matter don’t use any third party application to schedule on Facebook. Why? Because Facebook actually penalizes items that are shared from third party applications, meaning less of your content will get through to your readers. Facebook users are also very true to the source and like to see you are present on Facebook not simply “calling it in”.

Tips to Make the Most out of Buffer:

1) Customized posting schedule on Buffer

If you don’t know when your followers are online, use a tool such as Tweriod to understand when the best time is to tweet for your business. Once you have a good idea of optimal times to post, create a customized posting schedule in your account(s). Buffer will automatically share content at these times on specified days. We suggest using this function for Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Instead of using Buffer to schedule Facebook posts, we recommend scheduling posts directly on Facebook to maximize your potential audience reach. Social Media Tips 

2) Integrate with web browser

Installing the Buffer browser extension on Chrome or Safari makes it convenient to share information regardless of which website you’re using. Go to the extras page on Buffer, find your favorite browser and install the add on to start sharing. Now you can click the Buffer icon in your browser’s toolbar to share articles on any website. Once a post is drafted, you can choose to shorten the URL for tracking, add photos, manually select the posting time, or simply add it to your Buffer account for automatic posting. Social Media tip

3) Use with other Apps

Social Media Tips There’s a strong selection of apps and web extensions on the Buffer Extras page to explore and test. My favorite way to use Buffer is to post through Feedly. Feedly curates content from blogs and websites for easy reading and sharing, and you can sort content by categories of your choosing. By adding the Feedly app to your Buffer account, you can click once to share Feedly content on Buffer.

4) Highlight text on a page to easily share quotes

Share the section you value the most in an article by highlighting that text before clicking to share on Buffer. It will draft a social media update using the part you highlighted so you don’t have to type it out. This may seem a little unnecessary, but when you’re constantly sharing new content, saving time is important! social media tip Buffer is my favorite way to share content on social media with just one click. Its custom scheduler, link tracking and multiple account management functions have changed the way I interact with followers. We love learning about new social media tools that save time and pack a punch. Please comment below and tell us what your favorite social media tool is!

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