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Social Media Spring Cleaning!

Social Media Spring Cleaning

Spring is (finally) here and most of us are doing the traditional spring cleaning. While some are purging their winter sweaters, we’ve decided to find a few ways to clean up your social media channels. This can be a great season of refocusing and reconnecting through all of your networks – read below to find out how to get started on your social media spring cleaning! Clean Out and Refocus Your Twitter Lists We all know that building lists in Twitter is sometimes done in a rush. You might throw followers here and there, not necessarily being strategic about where they end up. Spring is a great chance to do a quick list cleanse. Read through each and every one of your lists and make sure every follower has a good reason for being there. Make sure each list has a clear focus and need. Take the time to refocus and adjust list subjects or followers. You might even discover a list you’ve forgotten or followers you’ve wanted to interact with but never have.  Make Your Facebook Page Relevant When you’re managing your Facebook day in and day out, it’s easy to get repetitive or dull. Take some time this spring to really dive into the content of your page and refocus your message. Pin your best post or biggest announcement to the top of your page. Share the latest news in your subject area. Update your timeline to include your company’s greatest achievements so far this year. When you sit down and make a specific, significant effort to make your entire Facebook page relevant to the now, customers will see you’re focused on keeping them in the loop and consistently striving to achieve better interaction. Do a Thorough Tweepi Clean Up Tweepi is a simple and quick tool to get all of your Twitter clean up done at once. Through this website, you can flush those that you’re following but who aren’t following you back, reciprocate a follow with those who you’re not following but are following you, and clean up those who you’re following but aren’t active Twitter users. You can mass follow and unfollow users here, too. Tweepi makes this process easy by listing Twitter accounts with details such as their bio, when their last tweet was, how many followers they have, and much more. This is a great opportunity to really clean out your account – spend the time now and you’ll thank yourself later, when your Home Feed isn’t bogged down with tweets you could care less about.  Spring is a new season and with that comes the opportunity to clean up, refocus, and grow. Interested in getting some help to grow your social presence? SocialNicole would love to help! Photo Credit

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