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Creating a Social Media Plan #NpTalk Transcript 1/5/11

Last week’s NPTalk, “New Year, New Plan,” focused on nonprofit social media planning for the upcoming year. Thanks for everyone who participated! Looking forward to next week’s chat, Wednesday January 12 from 2-3pm CST,  where we will discuss #NPTalk – to get topic ideas, and also to talk about possible community growth. Hopefully this overview gets you excited about the new year! New Year, New Plan:

  • If you don’t have one, make a social media plan for the new year
  • You don’t need a new plan every year, but it is a good time to evaluate the existing methods and think about what to keep/change for the upcoming year
  • Set goals (with a timeline) for the upcoming year – ie: contacts, clients, consistent blogging, followers/fans, gain awareness, raise a certain amount of money, site traffic, etc.
  • If you have run social media campaigns in the past, review them. What worked? What didn’t? What can you improve? Is there something that should be abandoned altogether?
  • Set a formal meetings with co-workers, colleagues, peers or members to find out what is important for the organization to grow through a social media plan
  • When deciding where/how to engage online, be mindful of your target audiences and where they are spending their time online. Consider breaking your audience down into segments: donors, volunteers, recipients, cause oriented
  • Consider making formal policies and guidelines for social media engagement so that accounts administrators know can act according to plan
  • Make a plan that is realistic. Recognize how much time your team has to engage in social media and build your plan accordingly. If your plan is important, assign a volunteer or employee direct responsibility for managing the account/blog.
  • Make a commitment to be consistent! Once you have made a plan, make a resolution to stick to your calendar, and engage as much as your plan requires.
  • Resources:
  • Blog post by Chris Brogan Titled Social Media Strategy: The planning stage… a nice list of approaches
  • A formal plan by Marketo
  • Another sample plan
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