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3 Social Media Management Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

social media management tools

When you’re managing several clients, all at different times of the day and using different messaging and promotions for each of those clients, keeping everything straight can become a bit challenging. Social media management tools save you time, energy and stress. Not to mention they allow you to better understand and connect with your online communities. But there are loads of social media management tools out there – which ones are the best? To get you started, check out our three top favorites at SocialNicole. Hootsuite Hootsuite is a very popular tool, and with good reason. It’s a management tool that makes managing multiple businesses, people, or clients simple. From this dashboard, you can easily track interactions, send messages from multiple social sites like Facebook and Twitter, and see direct results of your management. Hootsuite makes scheduling messages incredibly simple and intuitive – you can even request to have an email sent to you when your scheduled message goes out. You can also customize the columns of your dashboard to include what’s most important to you – perhaps you want all of your clients Twitter timelines laid out next to each other on one dashboard – you can customize this on Hootsuite. Hootsuite offers free, pro, and enterprise levels of management which could potentially include social profiles, enhanced analytics, advanced message scheduling, Google Analytics and Facebook insights integration.  Buffer The beauty of Buffer is in its simplicity. Buffer is a virtual queue that you can easily fill with content that will be automatically posted in a staggered manner throughout the day. Add the Bufferapp to your browser and, when you’ve found something worth sharing, simply click the icon for that post to be added to your queue. This is a worry-free tool – simply fill up your Buffer with enough content for an entire week and it will be sent out for you. Forget carefully scheduling delivery times or strategically choosing which post should go out when. Buffer allows for an easy was to have a consistent social presence all day and week long, but without the pain of manual labor. Buffer also offers a mobile app The and provides analytics about the engagement and reach of your posts. SocialBro SocialBro is a relatively new discovery – but I’m so glad I’ve finally found it. This tool is highly analytic, giving great insights to fuel your management. SocialBro allows you to browse your communities to identify key influencers, track specific user engagement, and analyze your competitors’ activity. This tool will analyze the timelines of your followers to show you when the optimal time for you to tweet is, allowing you to reach the maximum number of followers for each tweet. SocialBro makes it easy to make goals, track progress, and identify improvement. They also offer a visual dashboard that lays out all the recent activity of your account such as new followers, new replies/DMs, and most influential users from the day. Overall, SocialBro will allow you to better understand, target, and engage your Twitter audience, all the while helping you grow a more substantial online presence. But don’t take my word for it – get out there and test these tools! Give each of these tools a trial run to see what works best for your business. Need extra help managing your social outlets? Get help from SocialNicole today!  Photo Credit

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