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Social Media Community Management: My favorite 4 productivity tools

As a Social Media Community Manager I love testing new online tools that have potential to make my job easier. There are many great tools out there you can get for free and/or at an affordable cost.  Below are my favorite productivity tools, I use all of these on a daily basis. If you have further questions or would like to share your favorite tools please comment on this post below. Hootsuite At SocialNicole we have various clients that have Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts.  For my job I use Hootsuite for interacting with each community but also scheduling tweets and Facebook posts.   Some additional features that make Hootsuite great include: a neat and clutter free dashboard, link shortener, team management function, search features, analytics,  Klout integration and the ability to view multiple columns on one screen. Overall Hootsuite a great and affordable option for businesses running multiple accounts and needing a team management function. Google Docs I really enjoy using Google Docs because it provides an easy way for collaboration of documents between team members. Also I can access my documents anywhere at any time without the hassle of downloading files. Google Docs provides a variety of services just like Microsoft such as creating a document, spreadsheet, presentation, and much more!  Google Docs makes it very easy for users by making the platform simple and easy to use. Freshbooks I love Freshbooks!  Freshbooks is a way to manage invoices, expenses, and time tracking for small businesses. It’s a web-based application, with a really simple interface.   As an employee I use it mainly to keep track of my hours on a daily basis.  Freshbooks allows me to click a Start button that starts a clock running to the 1/100th of a minute. If the phone rings while I’m working, I just press Pause – then Restart, then Log Hours when I’m done. I really like this feature because it’s very precise and accurate and it allows my employer easy tracking of hours for clients. One last thing is if you have any problems with your time sheet or have questions regarding your account – give them a call! Unlike other customer service centers where you are put on hold or have to go through automated machine – with Freshbooks you will ALWAYS get a LIVE person. Basecamp My #1 choice for a project management tool within SocialNicole is Basecamp. I strongly suggest businesses invest in this tool because it provides a great way to mange projects, tasks and interactions within your company. Basecamp is loaded with features such as  calendar with upcoming events, milestones, to-do lists, time tracking, messages, file-sharing and document collaboration similar to Google docs (not quite as robust as Google docs though). Overall it is a tool that teams of all sizes will find useful.

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