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Social Media Campaigns for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Is your brand ready launch a social media campaign for the holiday? Don’t worry, it doesn’t take a massive advertising budget to create a short video or photo series that relates your brand to Valentine’s Day. Whether you own a paint company or a flower shop, a little creativity and a simple emotional connection can have a major impact on your brand. Remember to give customers a reason to participate in your campaign. Whether you offer a Valentine’s printable or host a contest, it is important for customers to value your content. It will boost your campaign’s virality and provide motivation for customers to share their information. Don’t forget to research relevant hashtags for your brand’s Valentine’s campaign and join the conversation on social media. And finally if there was ever a time to use Facebook ads to tell people about your products now is the time. But don’t just push stuff out without carefully planning your ad campaign. Need some help? Contact SocialNicole now, we are experts at everything social media. Here are examples of past Social Media Campaigns for Valentine’s Day:

Coca Cola – Love Is In The Air  

Uber – Rose Delivery

Allstate – Mayhem

Valentines Day Social Media Campaign

Food Network – Free Menu

Epson – Remote Romeo Video Contest

Macy’s – Red Lips

Michael Kors – Falling In Love Valentines Day Social Media Campaigns

Field Notes – Red Blooded What has your brand done for Valentine’s Day in the past? Tell us about it in the comments!  

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