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Social Media, Your Business and Building Community

My community manager Lauren sent me this comic today and it go me thinking. It’s so easy to write off social media as something that is useless to businesses as sometimes it can seem that it’s just people sharing trivial things…like what they had for lunch. While some of social media is sharing things like this, what may be considered “stupid” to some, there’s something to be said for it. Businesses must look beyond the fact that something may be “silly” and instead embrace the meaning behind it all.  Posts like that are what make us people, human and real. It’s the daily pieces that shape our lives and it is what shapes the lives of others – perhaps customers that  you want to connect with. It begs reminding that social media marketing is really about connecting with people and hoping that they will choose to allow us to be part of their community. If we judge things as stupid or useless then we miss the point : we are allowed and accepted into the community of our customers. To be part of their lives is something we should be thankful for and constantly look for ways to market ourselves in ways that provide value for our clients and customers. It’s the basic tenant of the backbone of my company and why I started it in the first place – to connect, engage and grow businesses… Social Media In Real Life

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