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Sharing in Real-Time: Live Social Media

live social media Crowds of people. Endless noise. Everlasting excitement. The marketability of a live event can hardly be intensified – unless you throw in some live social media sharing. With so many different social media management tools out there, people often schedule posts to various feeds so that their links, text, videos, or images post at a certain time on a certain date. Though this is an efficient way of managing one’s account, there is incredible hidden value in sharing live social media, in real-time, at big events.


Being present and live during a real-time event is a great way to network. Being live and active shows that your business is run by real people, not just an automatic scheduler. Having conversations via the social media channel of your choice makes you and your business more “real,” giving you the opportunity to individually interact with customers, other businesses, and experts in your field. Live social media gives your business a personality and a voice. Not only can you build your business credibility and partnerships, but you can also speak directly with consumers and receive feedback. Live real-time events are great jumping off points for interaction – make an initial connection about the Super Bowl score and casually move the conversation toward a customer’s current purchasing preferences.

Getting Started

Large sporting events such as the Super Bowl, award ceremonies like the Academy Awards, and national charity events are all great events to tweet or post live during. Posting in real-time at these kinds of events shows that you are up-to-date on news and culture, rather than always focusing on selling your product and/or service. These large real-time events attract many people from all across the country (and in some cases, the world). This means your audience will be enormous. Be intentional about talking to a general public while still focusing on making individual connections. Though posting live social media during national events is fun and valuable, it’s also important to engage in live social media for local events. Your audience might be a bit smaller, but this will allow your business to be recognized within your own community. On this smaller scale, your business is much more likely to make personal connections with customers and other businesses that may be easier to follow up with. Live social media sharing and interacting during real-time big events allows you to leverage connections, potential customers, and push your brand values. Being active during these events versus scheduling posts is a powerful tool to generate new ideas for your business and make valuable connections with customers. Ready to embark on some live social media sharing? SocialNicole would love to help you get started!

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