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Setting Up Instagram Reminders Via Buffer

A few weeks ago I wrote about Business use and Instagram to provide you with tips to get started. Something exciting is happening that makes it easier to manage Instagram, something I think you’ll really appreciate, if you’ve spent any time trying to keep to a schedule on Instagram. Recently, social media management platforms such as Buffer, Hootsuite and more have started to integrate Instagram scheduling reminders on their platforms. This is a significant change for managing social media because it allows companies and organizations to schedule posts on a platform in advance and then receive a notification on your phone when it is time to post. Being able to schedule a post in advance allows you to optimize your instagram strategy. When you can schedule your reminders in advance, you can maintain a posting schedule and better plan out your social media strategy. We tested Buffer’s integration of this tool at SocialNicole and found it to work well. The posts look just like they would when you post them directly in the Instagram application, and you no longer have to have a photo on your phone to post it when you use Buffer to set the reminder. Instead, you can upload a photo that is on your computer. I will walk you through how to use this platform to schedule reminders Instagram posts.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts on Buffer:

1. Create a Buffer account, or log in if you already have one from your preferred web browser. 2. From your web browser you will link your Instagram account to your Buffer Management. On the left side of your screen you will see “accounts” and a + symbol. Click the + symbol. Buffer 3. After you click the + symbol, you will see the options of accounts you can connect. Select “Connect” under “Instagram Reminders” on the right side of the screen. buffer account 4. After you click Connect, you will be prompted to log in to your Instagram account.Buffer 5. A screen will come up that will walk you through the process, and then you will click finish. buffer sign up 6. After you have clicked finish, you’ll want to download the Buffer application on your phone. This application will be what notifies you when it’s time to post on Instagram and link to your Instagram account. Sign into the application on your phone, so you will receive the notification when it becomes time to post. Don’t skip this step, as this is what makes the reminders most useful! The next process will walk you through setting up your Instagram post reminders via Buffer.

Setting up Instagram Reminders:

1. Go back to the web browser where you just clicked on finish (as pictured above). You will be on the dashboard where you can start scheduling. Type the caption of what you would like to share and add a photo. You can then select the time you would like the reminder to be pushed to your phone. buffer post 2. Once you have scheduled your post, you will receive a notification on your phone when it is time to post to Instagram. Click on this banner (as seen below).Instagram Reminder 3. After clicking on the notification, the Buffer application will open and show you a preview of the post. Click on the blue box at the bottom that says, “Open in Instagram” (as pictured below). Instagram 4. Once you click on “Open in Instagram,” a popup will open to make sure you are signed into the right Instagram account on your phone. Confirm that you are and then you click “ I’m good to go!” At this point, your phone will have the caption you wrote on Buffer copied, ready to be pasted (more on this in a bit!). 5. Instagram will open when you say you’re good to go, and your photo will transfer. Click “Next” on the top right if the photo you want is selected. Instagram 6. Here’s where the copied text comes in from step 4. You will then paste your caption into the “caption text box” on Instagram. 7. Finally, you will click on the blue banner at the bottom that says “Share as…” and your photo will post. Instagram Publish The post will now be on your Instagram page and look just like all of your other posts. Keep in mind that I showed you how to set up your posts from the web browser. You can also set up your posts using the buffer application by following the same steps above. Now you know how to use Buffer to schedule Instagram reminders. If you have any other ideas of Instagram tips, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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