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Why RSS is Essential for Content Curation and Social Media Strategy

RSS is a beneficial tool that has become a crucial part of any social media strategy   (to learn more, check out The Importance of RSS). But what’s so great about it and why is it a must-have for social media managers? Content curation, or the process of recognizing, accumulating and organizing relevant digital content for a specific niche, is already an essential part of a social media strategy. And since RSS has been thrown into the mix, the partnership is becoming even more important. Your social media strategy is undoubtably focused on attracting new consumers while still entertaining your current ones – and this is exactly what RSS is all about. Create and Share  Living in an online world, we can never forget that content is king – it’s often your business’s most valuable asset. The business of marketing isn’t always about creating and pushing out your own content – relevant content that you share is often just as influential to your business growth. And this is another place RSS can help. RSS makes you aware and allows you to act on that awareness quickly. You can use RSS to notify readers of your own content as well a platform to share your curated content. Share a news article that just made headlines or offer an infographic that’s just going viral. RSS allows you to be ready to shoot out interesting content with the click of a button. Watch and Learn   Not only is RSS an important place to share content, it’s also a valuable place to keep track of your company’s progress, recognize customer’s engagement with your content and collect data for further use. Use RSS to keep track of what’s being said about your company in forums and blogs, and in reference to your shared content. Take advantage of RSS feeds to monitor what your customers are looking at and to listen to what’s important to them. RSS is a great tool to encourage user engagement with your shared content: add the tagging capability to your content, syndicate your content with an RSS feed on your website and be a place full of such relevant content that you become a resource to your users. RSS offers endless help for social media managers and their social media strategies. There are so many opportunities to utilize RSS to maximize your management efforts and increase talk of and engagement with your company. So, what are you waiting for? RSS is calling. Photo Credit

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