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Using RSS and Buffer App to Streamline Your Social Sharing

streamline your social sharingAfter working so hard to find shareable, quality content, it’s important that the content easily gets to consumers. RSS (Rich Site Summary), is a way for readers to easily subscribe to content that they are interested in reading. This provides an automatic streamline of content from the source directly to readers. It is a great tool to get content to read for research or interest, but also acts as a great way for your business to easily and automatically share content on a larger, simpler scale. Using RSS and Buffer app to successfully streamline your social sharing can be simple – follow these five tips below to streamline in no time! 1. Buffer app is a great tool used to schedule posts to your Twitter account. Buffer App should be used for RSS posting and sharing other posts with your followers. You can grab these articles from whichever RSS reader that you personally use and automatically share it with your Twitter followers. 2. If you’re having difficulty keeping track of all the RSS feeds you follow, rename them so that you know who to specifically tag when mentioning the article. Do this right away when following the blog so that you don’t forget. Keep all your feeds organized. 3. It is ideal to have at least 10-15 articles scheduled in the Buffer hopper throughout the day. To avoid sounding automated, mention where the article came from. If you don’t currently follow the blog on Twitter, take some time and follow them if they are relevant to your field of business. Sharing articles and mentioning the source of the articles is a powerful of networking and being authentic. For example, “Very great article via @example…” This isn’t necessary for every single post, but have a goal of doing this 60-75% of the time that you share. 4. Another way to avoid being automated is to make your posts personal. Instead of just buffering the article you find in your RSS reader, insert a summary or teaser of the article. For example, “Here’s a great tip you should check out from @TwitterAccount’s “5 Best Practices of Content Marketing”! Shoot to do this 20-50% of the time when scheduling an article. Create an interesting hook to entice readers. This will add value to the reader and help guide readers to what the article may be about. 5. Each month, review the blogs in your RSS and delete any that are not producing good content and add new ones you find. Also remember to be daily adding new blogs to your feed if you are sharing new links and find a blog you think is valuable.

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