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Becoming a Pinterest Rockstar!

Pinterest for Business

At SocialNicole, we LOVE Pinterest! Any client we think it may work for, we try to include in their social media plan. Because Pinterest doesn’t work for everyone due to the visual and demographic factors, when the stars align and a client has the perfect content and base to share magic can happen! So strap yourself in because we’re going to share a Pinterest success story: One of our clients was interested at setting up a Pinterest account. After combing through their blog and analyzing their target clients and customers, we decided that they definitely had the right content and following for Pinterest. We launched in mid 2012 with a few simple boards and a small following. Now, less than a year later, this Minnesota based company has grown to hundreds of followers, thousands of pins, tons of interactive boards and a huge increase in website traffic. The reason they have grown so much has been because of several strategic moves that are easy to implement and that you can start doing – today.

6 Pinterest for Business Tips to Help Your Company Rock:

Become a Pinterest Business Account: first and foremost, you need to convert or setup your account as a Pinterest Business Account. Why? You become a verified business, your website is included in your information, your clients are encourage to pin your content…we could go on and on! Once we converted our client’s account, we were able to utilize tons of “freebies” that normal Pinterest accounts do not have and saw a growth in community interaction with their account. Follow Relevant People and Business: this is a no-brainer. We started by finding and following community partners and people we regularly connected with on other social media sites. From there we searched for keywords on Pinterest that related to our business and followed other relevant people and companies. This isn’t a one-time-and-done deal, you must constantly be finding and seeking out new people to follow and new content to share. For our client, we do this almost daily and do a big clean-up at the end of each month. This has not only helped us connect and share relevant content, but has also helped get our name out there and build our Pinterest following. business on pinterestPin from Your Blog: One cool thing you can do as a business account on Pinterest is actually add a “Pin It” button to your blog or website so that visitors can pin content right from there! You can also do this manually and add pins from your blog on your own. Every time our client has new content out, we are sure to pin it with a keyworded description and add it to the appropriate board! Last month, one post brought almost 200 visitors to our client’s site! Why? Because we pinned a relevant blog post , with a great visual and put a description that folks in that industry would be interested int! Start a Community Board: The cool thing about Pinterest is that like Facebook groups, there are Pinterest Community Boards. These are themed boards where you can invite “Pinners” to pin content related to the theme to it. It’s another fun way to interact with your followers and find new people to connect with! Create Holiday and Event Related Boards: While we have many boards focused on the industry that our client is in, we also don’t want it to be purely business. We have many non-business followers who we love to connect with. Our community on Facebook is a perfect blend of business and fun and we wanted to carry that over to Pinterest. To add a splash of fun, we make sure to create boards that surround holidays and events to keep our content relevant and our followers pinning/liking/sharing and commenting. Host a Pinterest Contest: One huge endeavor we took on for this client was hosting a Holiday Spirit contest that was spread across all their social media accounts – including Pinterest. While this is something that takes work to research and implement, we had a ton of fun with it and it was a big success! While these are just a snapshot of the things we do to rocket our clients to Pinterest success, they are simple enough to start get your Pinterest for business page growing! If you have any other tips or hints that you use, share below! Interested in working on growing your business page on Pinterest? SocialNicole can help!  Photo Credit 1 Photo Credit 2

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