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Pinterest for Business: Getting Started

What do you think of when someone mentions Pinterest? Maybe you think of women showing other women what food and clothes they like, or maybe you have no idea what it is and you don’t care. Ambivalence is an easy way to go about thinking about the social media platform, but it’s in your best interest to remember Pinterest. Pinterest for business is getting easier and easier, but it’s important to not take for granted! The whole “women showing their friends stuff” isn’t totally off. About 80% of Pinterest users are women. But this doesn’t mean that when you go on Pinterest, you are going to be overwhelmed with pictures and links on how to make the best quiche crust, or what the cutest new skinny jeans are. Believe it or not, women like all types of things, not just food and clothes! (Shocking, I know.) Anyway, let’s get down to business on how Pinterest can help your business.

Pinterest for business login screenshot1. Make a business page.

– Go to the Login Screen. – Next to “Are you a business?” click “Get started here.” – On the next page, you can choose to create a new business account or convert a personal account into a business page. A business page is not much different visually from the personal page, but it gives you an analytics feature that the personal pages don’t! For example, it provides the number of repins and impressions of your site. Also, the business pages’ content tend to get the most repins. Give it a try! How do repins work? Great question! If you repin another user’s pin it will be added to one of your own boards! This is a great way to engage on Pinterest, which brings me to my next point…

2. Engage with followers.

Repin, repin, repin! Remind your followers that you’re not only interesting but interested in them. Even better, if anyone has questions or comments on pins, someone should be there to respond and interact. It makes your business so much more compelling and welcoming when people know someone is there to answer questions and engage.

3. Personalize your business page.

Share content that relates to your business, as well as content that relates to your followers. It would be best if your posts did both of these things. If you continually just post things pertaining to your business, nobody will care! Keep it relevant to the people you’re trying to reach!

4. Follow other businesses.

Expand your network by socializing through Pinterest! It’s just like the way you would through Facebook or Twitter. It is so important to be in the loop with other businesses and Pinterest is another way to do that.

5. Keep your pins worth looking at.

Share something inspirational or funny! Pinterest is one of the most visual social mediums out there, so make sure the pins you share are visually intriguing as well. With approximately 70 million users on Pinterest, the potential for new traffic and social engagement is enormous.  Joining Pinterest is a great way to give your business that little extra something that many small businesses don’t have. With Pinterest’s capacity for analytics and connecting with others, you may repin yourself into relevance with your audience! For more information on how to get started on other social media platforms, you can visit our Facebook page, read tips on how to create an effective Twitter account or contact SocialNicole here!

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