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Passion and Purpose in Social Media Marketing

The Passion Labs SocialNicole “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  – Nelson Mandela

Purpose in Social Media Marketing

The power of authentic passion and purpose cannot be understated when it comes to social media marketing. It is at the core of every great social media campaign. From Oreo to a local window washer, tapping into passion translates into reaching business objectives. Before social media, marketing and communications was one sided. Companies followed an explicit marketing formula. First, the message to consumers was decided and then it was dictated through the media. Consumers had little say in this process; only their wallets spoke for them. Social media changed this by creating a conversation and empowering the consumer with a voice. Companies no longer merely dictate a message while consumers blindly accept or reject it. We are in an age of collaboration.

Partnering With Consumers

Consumers have a voice, and they are able to share it with just one click. They can interact with brands and share their opinions. Consumers are able to bring their own passions into the marketplace and influence the opinions of others through social media channels and blogs. Social media users significantly impact other people’s choices of brands and businesses. Consumers are now partners to marketers. As our world evolves, the consumer’s voice is increasingly important. This digital revolution inspired SocialNicole, a specialized social media agency. We are excited about building passionate communities, and we are thrilled to work with clients who are investing in this new form of marketing. Our expert social media managers curate and create content that helps to build communities, grow thought leadership and bring out the true passion and purpose of our clients. These strategies allow for communities to embrace their clients through social messages.

Purpose-Filled Business

Before, big brands shaped the marketing landscape with resources that smaller companies lacked. Using social media effectively empowers everyone by showcasing voices of individuals and businesses of any size. The winners in tomorrow’s economy will be those who invest in building a passionate, purpose-filled business. SocialNicole is a partner to this future. Our ability to create awareness and build passionate communities with digital strategy sets us apart. We are embracing a new economy, where business is driven by what is in our hearts, not just our wallets.

The Passion Labs

I am passionate about creating an ongoing dialogue about the intersection of passion, purpose and digital communications. I have created a new blog called The Passion Labs, in order to explore the issues that surround our venture into the new economy. The blog will focus on K-12 education, career, business and personal topics. Each theme will help people build lives through social media. As it develops, I hope you will stick with me to explore it. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Nicole Photo Credit

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