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Is Outsourcing the Right Move for You?

At SocialNicole we’re taking the week to help you focus on two aspects of your business’ social media marketing that you may not have considered: Community Managers and Outsourcing. We receive questions as to the benefits of both these options and decided, “Why not? Let’s share our knowledge!” Each day this week we’ll be sharing this knowledge with you. The third stop in our series answers the question: “Will outsourcing save you time?” Let’s face it, managing a small or mid-sized business requires every ounce of your attention and efforts. The onerous task of adding a multi-platform online marketing campaign can seem a bit daunting. As businesses of all sizes continue to wrestle with this new world of marketing, they also find themselves struggling with the idea of whether or not they can even handle it all, if they should hire someone to take care of it, add the task of management to a currently employee’s task list or outsource the work.   To some, outsourcing your social media management might seem a bit odd. After all, why would you want to let someone outside your business manage your social media? They’ll be connecting with your potential customers, speaking on behalf of your company, sharing relevant information, answering questions on your products- the list goes on and on! While it may seem that these tasks would be better suited to someone internally at your company, our findings at SocialNicole have seen that small and mid-sized companies that try to manage their own social media 100% in-house often meet obstacles such as:

  • Difficulties finding time each day to carve out and connect/engage with your community.
  • Difficulties in keeping employees trained/updated on best social media management practices.
  • Difficulties in keeping up with an editorial/marketing calendar.
  • Difficulties and confusion related to staying on task with goals, messaging, etc.

Some of our clients who have chosen to add a part-time or full-time position to pick up some of these tasks have had a hard time keeping 100% of that time committed to the social aspect. For many clients the idea of outsourcing social media This type of plan calls for SocialNicole to pick up some of the day-to-day slack to assure social media outreach is occurring all the time. Why does outsourcing make sense? Obviously, choosing to outsource your social media isn’t a simple decision. Here is some food for thought while you weigh out the options: 1. Dedicated Daily Management. At SocialNicole we are committed 100%, 24/7 to your social media management. Because we are not diverted by other internal jobs, discussions, meetings and whatever else tends to pop up in day-to-day business, we can ensure that you get your messages out on your social media ASAP. After all, it’s our job. 2. Time Saving. If you’re a small company with one or two owners, you need to decide how you want to spend your time. If you’re a mid-sized company with a team of employees you also need to decide where to spend your time. Managing an internal social media manager is not easy especially if you do not have extensive knowledge of social media and online marketing. Does it make sense to keep up with your social media on your own? Or would it benefit you more to outsource those services so that you can focus more on your business and what you do best?What time could you save with a Community Manager? 3. Content. A lot of social media relies on the ability to effectively communicate your message with your audience. If you don’t have the writing skills or creative ability to consistently push out communication that not only conveys an engaging message but catches your readers’ eye outsourcing it will make your life much easier. 4. Saves Money. Yes you heard us, spending money to have an outsourcing company take care of your social media can save you a ton. It’s cheaper than hiring a new employee, training them and then monitoring them to make sure they are performing at peak. Paying a monthly fee to let an outside company manage and build your community is less expensive and will take less of your time than dealing with a new employee. 5. Trained Professionals. Not just anyone understands the nuances of successful networking and building relationships online. By outsourcing you are assured that you have someone with a working-knowledge and experience of social media management working on your business. Social media management is not something you can do 5 minutes a day and expect results. You need someone dedicated to the cause- and whom truly understands it. Whatever you do, social media does have an expense. The decision you have to make is how you’re going to manage it. We find social media outsourcing is a great option for many small and mid-sized businesses. How do you select a company or individual to outsource your social media to? That question will be answered in the next installment in this series!Have you considered a Community Manager for your business? Check out our blogs from earlier this week, exploring this question:

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