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With Growth Comes Change

It is an exciting time for #NpTalk the Twitter chat that started almost one year ago. Many of you know the history of how the #NpTalk community started but for those of you who do not, here is the story. I was having a lively discussion about online fundraising on Twitter and started to use the hashtag #NptTalk so people could follow the discussion. @MarcSeyon asked me if I wanted to start a chat and I said sure what does that require. He gave me the run down and voila #NpTalk was born! As #NpTalk moves from it’s infancy to toddler stages it seemed only appropriate to build a new website for the chat. The Website is located at and all transcripts will now be hosted there. We will also be posting guest blog posts on the new website so please feel free to send us a message with your ideas if you would like to write something. It was a hard decision to move the chat off of SocialNicole’s website as it seems so much a part of SocialNicole and it is, but it is also it’s own unique community. At our one year anniversary it seemed the perfect time  for our community to have it’s own identity. Thanks to Kristin Majai Peterson of Grand Ciel Design we have a new logo to help create our new branded identity. Thank you Kristin! We also have a new Facebook fan page. So please stop by and like us and we hope you will join the conversation on Facebook as well as on Twitter. Finally we are starting a #NpTalk in real life (IRL) meetup in Minneapolis. This will be a monthly event and you can get information here. This will be the “test” IRL event and our hopes will be that others will follow as people decide to create their own #NpTalk meetup events in their communities. We believe part of the success of #NpTalk is that our nonprofit communities around the world are calling out for relevant training that helps people to grasp on to new technology tools to help nonprofits advance their missions. It will be fun to see the IRL meetups take hold. If you are interested in starting your own #NpTalk IRL meetup please contact us here to discuss. I want to take a moment to thank everyone in the community for your participation. #NpTalk is a community built on the enthusiasm and participation of it’s members. Thank you for sharing the chat with your friends, joining our Facebook page, commenting on the blog, joining the weekly Twitter chats and simply choosing to be a part of this community. I look forward to the next year and all the great things that are yet to come.

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