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A Note to Your Younger Self

Recently, I posted an image on my SocialNicole Facebook page that said “If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only two words?”  I commented that it was a challenging question and I asked the amazing SocialNicole community for their thoughts.

Click the image below to see the original post and add your own two words to the conversation!

To my surprise, it was not as challenging to answer as I thought. The answers that came in wear wonderful, playful, deep, fun and really inspiring. What was more exciting was to see my community step in and join the conversation. After the first initial answers to the question I was so motivated by the great interaction that I paid $5 to promote this post so it would be seen by more of my community. The response was so amazing that I paid another $5 to keep the conversation going. The results were 54 comments, 30 Likes and 26 Shares! Of course, this is something to celebrate as a page owner. Page interaction is key to building a strong community and gaining more visibility. This one little post allowed such a great opportunity to get to know the community. We got to share some laughs and be inspired by each other. It also allowed me to talk one on one with individual community members. What more could I ask for? I thought I would share the answers here because sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration and ideas to reflect on. I hope you enjoy and I hope you will click on the post above and comment and share your two words with me.

Dream Big! Forgive Yourself Shut Up? Don’t Compromise You Matter Don’t Wait Fear Not Be Confident You Rock It’s Ok Speak Up Invest Google Remember God No Boys! LOL More Respect Stay Positive Trust Yourself Chunky Monkey Please Don’t Stay Single Stay Out of Trouble Aspire Bigger Get Wisdom Stay Classy Be Careful! Hang On Wake Up Love Yourself Laugh More Loves Coming Learn Patience Don’t Trust Just DoIt! Enjoy Life Play Basketball Take Your Time Enjoy This Runaway Fast Dumb Ass Slow Down Stay Young Don’t be Careless Be You Do It! Girl Stop! Love Yourself Don’t Rebel Be Careful Hold On… Just Play! Live Life Love yourself. No Guilt! Love Life Have faith. Or Just Breathe. Do You! Let Go Be Free Right Now Think Twice Don’t Rebel Rebel Better Listen More Stay Humble Cautious Trust Fear Not Attitudes Everything! Trust God Did Good! Do It Love You Never Fear Live Full Mediate Daily Find Balance Stress Less Be Wise Invest Apple Don’t Stop Have Fun Keep Smiling Nursing School

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