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Gmail Tabs: What They Mean for Email Marketing

gmail tabs for marketing

Email marketing is a great way to connect with audiences. We know that the email subject line is crucial and quality content is necessary. But after carefully including email marketing in your marketing plan, Gmail throws a new complication at us: Gmail tabs. Gmail has begun to auto-filter all emails for their users. If your business uses email for anything (think company updates, promotional specials, monthly newsletters), this new addition will affect you – but how?

Gmail Tabs: What Are They?

Gmail has added tabs to users’ inboxes that automatically organize mail. There are three default tabs: Primary, Social, and Promotions. Emails that are newsletters will be slotted into the “Promotions” tab. It’s likely that most of your company emails will be placed in this tab. Though tabs default “on” for all Gmail users, your newsletter subscribers do have the power to change their Gmail tab settings – if they know how.

What Does This Mean?

Just like all other sites, this new addition is another rule that marketers will have to work around. Like on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, your message will now be filtered. The introduction of Gmail tabs means that, no matter what you do, your marketing emails and newsletters will be slotted into a slightly hidden folder. It may be more difficult to connect with users when your newsletter isn’t slotted into their primary inbox. And your emails aren’t in that Promotions tab alone – Gmail is also posting unsolicited ads that look like emails. This mixes your promotional marketing materials in with blatant ads, potentially affecting the way customers view your materials. This new addition tempts other email providers to jump on the bandwagon. It’s likely that other email providers will see this as a great opportunity to filter their users’ mail and tabs may become the norm. Gmail tabs also hint at the possibility of eventually requiring companies to pay to send out promotional emails. If providers are already choosing to filter what comes into users’ inboxes, there’s no telling what the future of email marketing might evolve into.

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