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New Facebook Promotion Guidelines | Let the fun begin

New Facebook Promotion GuidelinesYesterday Facebook announced their new promotion guidelines. Basically lifting the old rule that you have to administer your contest through a third party app. What do these new Facebook promotion guidelines mean for businesses and brands? It means it will be easier than ever for businesses to hold contests and promotions on Facebook. It opens the idea of promoting to smaller businesses that could not afford the third party application feature. Instead of having to use a third party app a business can collect entries through “likes” and “comments” and “messages” on their pages. It also means that there will be more “spam” in your newsfeeds as your friends start participating in more contests. We will see how this all works out in regards to how Facebook filters the things you see. Here are the new guidelines, which are taken from Facebook.

Promotions may be administered on Page Timelines and in apps on Facebook. For example, businesses can now:

  • Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post
  • Collect entries by having users message the Page
  • Utilize likes as a voting mechanism

As before, however, businesses cannot administer promotions on personal Timelines. Accurate tagging is required in promotions In order to maintain the accuracy of Page content, our Pages Terms now prohibit Pages from tagging or encouraging people to tag themselves in content that they are not actually depicted in. So, for instance:

  • It’s OK to ask people to submit names of a new product in exchange for a chance to win a prize
  • It’s not OK to ask people tag themselves in pictures of a new product in exchange for a chance to win a prize

Although this is exciting news for businesses, there are still some important best practices for you to consider before creating your promotions. I will publish a best practice guide for promoting on Facebook that incorporates these new guidelines in the coming days. Stay tuned. You can signup to receive blog posts in your email to ensure you don’t miss a thing by clicking here. 

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