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New Facebook Cover Photo Guidelines: Learn the Rules

Facebook Cover Photo Rules

The ever-changing Facebook policies can get confusing. Just as we’re getting used to the latest adjustment, Facebook throws another curveball our way. This time, Facebook chose to ring in the New Year with some new specifications on cover photo and News Feed ad text.

New Facebook Cover Photo Rules

  Beginning on January 15th of this year, Facebook has updated its policy in regards to text overlay on cover photos and News Feed ads. Originally, Facebook didn’t have a clear policy in this area, simply restricting using calls to action and price/purchase information. They are now limiting text to no more than 20 percent of the image’s area. Their exact specifications note that covers and News Feed ad images may not include “more than 20% text, price or purchase information, business contact information, references to Facebook features or actions such as ‘Like,’ or calls to action such as ‘Tell your friends.’ ” Check out our post about Facebook Cover Photo Guidelines for photo size and a list of Facebook Cover Photo rules. What This Means For You If your business is on Facebook, these new Facebook cover photo rules could affect your promotional efforts. Not only are your cover photos restricted, but Facebook will also be reviewing all images from page post ads that are eligible candidates to show up in News Feed. A grid-based text overlay detection tool is currently in the works to make it easier for Facebook to measure your text. Don’t forget that the text within your logo also counts toward your 20 percent restriction. Keep in mind that individual pages (for example, your business page) will still be allowed to post images with more than 20 percent text, but only if you don’t plan on paying to promote them in News Feed. These photos can be posted as page post ads on the Facebook sidebar, but are not allowed to be promoted in News Feed. And what might this mean for you as an individual user? Don’t choose text heavy cover photos – it’s as simple as that.

Though the new Facebook cover photo rules may ruffle some feathers, there are easy ways to adjust your photos’ text. See how online marketing blogger Evy Hanson adjusted her cover photo – it still looks great!


Still worried and interested in some help making sense of what these new policies could mean for your business? SocialNicole would love to help! 


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