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New and Improved: 2013 YouTube Channel Changes

YouTube Channel Changes YouTube is known to be the go-to social site for watching videos online. Each month, Youtube has about 6 billion hours of video watched. Additionally, YouTube boasts having about 1 billion users in total across the world. Youtube makes it easier to share videos privately or publicly with other users. With this intense popularity, it’s important for your business to understand how new YouTube channel changes may affect your business.

Better For Your Brand

Like other social sharing sites, YouTube is constantly changing and improving for better online marketing purposes and increasing viewership. Most recently, Youtube made changes to the layout of their user page. The implemented layout changes were aimed to make it easier for viewers to subscribe to channels and allow businesses to customize and better the user experience. All channels will now display a large cover image, called Channel Art, on all devices (TVs, phones, tablets) in order to establish brand unity and awareness. It is recommended that users upload images no larger than 2560 x 423 px. This is your maximum “safe area” width of the channel art. The minimum “safe area” width is 1546 x 423 px. This will display on whatever device used to view your channel. For optimal results on all devices, YouTube recommends uploading a single 2560 X 1440 px image. YouTube channel changes YouTube’s “The Guide” will also be on Channel pages, meaning your full channel, not just the Feed, will be visible whenever a subscriber clicks on your channel in their Guide – this makes your subscribers just a click away! A new Browse view also lets you showcase your channel’s content any way you want, giving you more options for adding, editing, and reorganizing your sections of content. youtube channel changes Additional user changes include giving users the ability to upload custom thumbnails for their videos, use annotations to link externally to online stores and websites, and program specific videos for viewers (this means they can create playlists of shows for their viewers and YouTube can then show viewers the your next episode and link them to an entire playlist). YouTube has also decreased the required number of subscribers before users can stream live video. Initially, in order to stream live users had to have 1000 subscribers. Now Youtube has decided that users can stream live if they have 100+ subscribers.

YouTube Channel Changes: What do you think?

These new additions give users a deeper opportunity use YouTube for online marketing and establishing their brand in their own way, with less limitations from YouTube. What do you think of YouTube’s changes? Will they help or hurt your video sharing experience? Share your thoughts below!

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