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Floating in on SoundCloud

SoundCloud- it’s the newest rage in the musical community, and beneficial to musicians, producers and record labels alike. But what is it?

SoundCloud is essentially a place where anyone within the music community can create an account and upload music to share across many other social networks. People with profiles can follow other SoundCloud users and get direct updates and instant access to music as tracks are posted. With a bunch of options and integrated tools SoundCloud has showed itself to be an awesome tool for anyone trying to get their music out to a certain group of people- whether it be other musicians, producers, existing fans or completely new audiences.  So how do you do it?

Well, join me as we dive into it. There are, afterall, a few options of how to share your music with the service.

1. Groups- One of the most interesting ways to share is actually by joining groups within SoundCloud. This is where the world wide SoundCloud community hangs out and shares music with other SoundCloud users. When you share tracks with a group, anyone in that group can comment on any uploaded song. There are many different groups that span across many different genera’s of music, making it easy to share with any type of music audience. Other users can then follow you, and when you upload new tracks they will show up on their Dashboard allowing easy access to hear your latest music. Then they can share with their friends and fans- which will hopefully help expand your own personal music community.

2. Social Networks- Another great option is the ability to share through other social networks. SoundCloud makes it easy to share with Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and more! This makes it easy to have one main music hub where people can go to as a source, but also have the ability to use that hub to expand to other areas and other communities online. You finally have a hub where you can hit all of the major social networks with one track or a set of tracks all at once. A place where they can preview and download music all while SoundCloud keeps a running tally of the amount of listens and downloads you are getting on an overall monthly average, or even a weekly average- giving you a good idea of how active your musical community is!

3. Email Newsletters- The last and final way is one of the most important, in my opinion. SoundCloud has incorporated an email newsletter option which allows your to upload tracks and share them directly with people interested in the genre. This is a great way for producers to get their tracks to lyricists, singers and artists looking to collaborate. Why not give the people most interested in your chosen music the easiest most direct ability to get there hands on it?

So what do you think- Is SoundCloud your next stop in music networking?

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