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MarketingProfs Helps You Use Data for Smarter Marketing

Recently, I took part in an online seminar through MarketingProfs called Simplifying the Complex: Turning Massive Amounts of Contact and Event Data into Fuel for Smarter Marketing Campaigns. The purpose was to help you achieve smarter marketing campaigns that ultimately save time, money and are effective. Marketers take in tons of data constantly, from trade shows to conferences there are boundless data-rich opportunities to capture and collect data. Once you have it, thought, what do you do? If you’re hosting something like an event, how can you utilize this information? The presentation discussed bringing all elements together from data to creative marketing to create a unified campaign that utilize all elements. This can be a daunting task, but it was helpful in understanding how to manage multiple platforms during a campaign and be effective. They also gave several examples and tips on doing this. Personalization was a big topic in the seminar. Marketing automation can help send out e-mails based on registrations, cancellations, etc. to the correct people which can potentially lead to nurturing relationships. Why? Because you’re creating meaningful interactions. Automation gives you the ability to segment, personalize, integrate and more and then provides you with data and reports to even further relationships. It’s been found that nurturing relationships improves your return on investment by large margins. Overall, I took away several key, important things from the presentation that anyone could find beneficial. If you would like to view the full presentation or the slides, it’s free even for non-members!  Although we at SocialNicole highly recommend a membership as we find it to be a valuable resource! If you watch it, let us know what you think!

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