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Marketing Your Business with Pinterest

pinterest marketing tips

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, well they were right! Pinterest speaks an infinite amount with pictures from all over the world whether personal or for business! Pinterest is a social media tool that allows users to pin and “repin” items onto their personal boards. Not only can users pin pictures, but also they can pin videos, blogs or etc. Users pin whatever they are interested in onto “pinboards.” These boards are a collection of things that you like, would like to purchase, or can be used as a tool to organize. According to Business Insider, in the past year, Pinterest alone has driven more traffic than any other social media marketing website combined. It is the third largest social network with five million users and growing each day. Study also shows that 1 in 5 people purchase an item because of Pinterest. To help businesses keep track of how much interaction customers have with their boards, Pinterest recently launched an analytic tool.

Why Should You Try Marketing Your Business with Pinterest?

Free The best things in life are free. Pinterest is one of them. Pinterest is a free social media network website that caters to business use or individual use. It’s free but it does take time. Be prepared to invest time or hire someone to do the work for you. Pinterest is like any social media channel; it requires investment in the community. Pinterest Provides a Visual Pinning pictures of the product or service of your business offers a visual of what your business provides to users and potential customers. Pictures attract attention, so Pinterests makes it easy to market what you are trying to sell. As mentioned before, 1 in 5 purchases are made through Pinterest! This can be YOUR business. Not only that, but many customers appreciate a visual of what they are going to purchase and this also gives them an idea of what to expect. Gain More Followers The power of repinning is fabulous! If someone likes the item they have the ability to repin. If someone else comes along and like that item they can also repin or click to learn more about it. This will bring users from anywhere to the original link, which would be your pin board and drive traffic to your business. This is like the virtual word-of-mouth. Pinners ranges from, newlyweds, collectors, designers, people looking for gift ideas, all of the above! EVERYONE is on the Internet. You never know what to expect and who is browsing. If they, whoever it is, like your pinboards, they can follow and be updated with your board activities. When Pinners click on the image, it will bring them back to the original link. Pinterest is a great way to market content using pictures. Everyone loves pictures! It gives them an idea of what to expect when purchasing.  I like to think of it as virtual word-of-mouth marketing. Once you repin it anything can happen! Happy Pinning! Need help managing your social presence? SocialNicole would love to help!  Photo Credit

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